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C Support

Camilla: Hello, Beruka.

Beruka: Lady Camilla. Do you have an assignment for me?

Camilla: Not at the moment. I simply wanted a chat with my darling retainer.

Beruka: Is that an order?

Camilla: Ahahah! So cold, Beruka.

Beruka: I always obey your orders, of course. I know my place. But if there is no assignment, I would rather not waste time talking.

Camilla: Oh? In that case: I formally order you to bide a while and talk.

Beruka: ... I'm not...a good conversationalist.

Camilla: Ahaha, I know that full well, dear Beruka. Would you rather I had you do something to amuse me?

Beruka: I am an assassin, not a court jester.

Camilla: Oh dear. Have I upset you? I only tease because I love, dear. Surely you understand.

Beruka: I wouldn't know...

Camilla: Hoho...what would I do without you?

B Support

Camilla: Beruka...do you recall the circumstances of our first meeting?

Beruka: ...Please don't remind me.

Camilla: You kept repeating something, over and over... "I can't return until you're dead." You reminded me of a doll whose windup mechanism had broken.

Beruka: My orders at the time were to kill you.

Camilla: Oh, I remember full well. I warned you not to attempt it, but you were miles away, mentally.

Beruka: For an assassin, the mission is everything. To abandon it is unthinkable.

Camilla: Yet you didn't kill me.

Beruka: No. But only because you hired me on the spot.

Camilla: Becoming your new employer was the only way I could see to save you from yourself.

Beruka: I wasn't saved. I only took a better offer.

Camilla: Is that still how you feel about me? I'm a generous paymaster and nothing more?

Beruka: It's hard to say. But our professional relationship is what keeps me at your side.

Camilla: In that case, if another patron were to offer you an even greater sum... would you accept a contract on me, if you were so ordered?

Beruka: ... I might.

Camilla: Oh dear.

Beruka: But I would need more than money from any new master. I would also have to trust her more than I trust you.

Camilla: Ah! Well. That is something of a relief.

A Support

Beruka: Lady Camilla...

Camilla: Hello, Beruka. What can I do for my favorite retainer?

Beruka: I will never betray you as long as I remain in your service.

Camilla: Beruka, I didn't doubt—

Beruka: I will carry out every mission to the letter of your command. I was afraid you might have misunderstood me last time. But I have only ever betrayed one employer.

Camilla: The man who ordered me dead?

Beruka: Yes. He double-dealt and went back on his word. I took his contract only because I was desperate. But I couldn't trust him. That's why I took your offer immediately.

Camilla: And what if the day comes when you meet an employer more trustworthy than I?

Beruka: I would sign on with her without hesitation.

Camilla: Ask a silly question, I suppose...

Beruka: But I don't expect to meet an employer more trustworthy than you, Lady Camilla. You've always been kind to me, though I have nothing I can give you in return.

Camilla: Beruka...you discredit yourself.

Beruka: All I can do is to carry out every mission you give me to the letter.

Camilla: That is all I ask, dear. But don't throw yourself away in the process. I don't want to lose you. You're too important to me to watch you die on my behalf.

Beruka: ...Is that an order?

Camilla: Yes. Yes, it is.

Beruka: Understood. My employer's orders are absolute.

Camilla: See that you follow them to the letter.