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C Support

Benny: ...Hi.

Beruka: ...

Benny: Hi...?

Beruka: Do you need something?

Benny: No...not really. I noticed you're not very talkative.

Beruka: No. I speak when spoken to. Otherwise, I stay silent.

Benny: OK.

Beruka: Besides, I could say the same about you.

Benny: There's a difference, though. I want to talk. I'm just no good at it.

Beruka: I see. You have the desire, but lack the ability.

Benny: Right.

Beruka: That's never been my problem.

Benny: No.

Beruka: Stimulating as this is, I'm leaving now.

Benny: Next time...

Beruka: What?

Benny: Next time, I'll think of something for us to talk about.

Beruka: ...If that's what you want.