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C Support

Azama: Oh, Setsuna. Say, are you coming home from a trip to the market?

Setsuna: Yeah, how did you know?

Azama: I just had a feeling. Did everything end up going OK? You got the proper portions for each of the ingredients, right?

Setsuna: Of course—I got everything I needed. Lady Hinoka wrote out a detailed list. The store clerk was also kind enough to pick out each item for me.

Azama: Phew, that's a relief. Well, I have to say that I'm almost proud of you, Setsuna. You managed to run an errand without anything terrible happening. Nicely done.

Setsuna: Oh, thank you...

Azama: I see that your ability to comprehend sarcasm hasn't improved. What are you getting up to tonight?

Setsuna: Oh, well I'm going to cook dinner. I'm so excited about it.

Azama: Ah, I see. WAIT. WHAT?! Who in their right mind would let you near an open flame, let alone a kitchen? We're all doomed!

Setsuna: What do you mean? I love to cook.

Azama: Think of all the havoc your cooking has caused in the past. Whoever picked you to make food must have some sort of crazy death wish. This is going to be a culinary catastrophe.

Setsuna: Oh, you think so? I'm glad you're excited.

Azama: Setsuna, you can really be thick as a brick sometimes, you know that?

Setsuna: Thank you for saying so.

Azama: *sigh* Never mind. I think I'll go and let Lady Hinoka know you made it back safely.

B Support

Azama: The meal that Setsuna made for us was an absolute abomination. I'd rather eat cow pies than suffer through one more day of her cooking. Honestly, I'm not even sure that was fit for human consumption. Perhaps I should beg Lady Hinoka to banish her from the kitchen. *sniff sniff* Oh, gods. What is that offensive scent? It smells like burning hair. Wait. No, am I already too late?!

Setsuna: Azama, is something the matter? I'm just whipping up another meal. Did that savory scent bring you down to the kitchen?

Azama: Well, a smell brought me down. I don't know if I would call it "savory" though. More like "haunting," or "nauseating."

Setsuna: I'm glad that you're looking forward to trying my latest dish.

Azama: Somehow, I don't think my feelings are getting through to you at all. Setsuna, are you just playing dumb? Sometimes I really wonder.

Setsuna: I hope everyone enjoys my new meal as much as the last one. I'll need to do my best considering the expectations this time.

Azama: Listen, normally I'd be delighted to laugh off your insanely oblivious nature. But unfortunately my life is at stake, so I need to be crystal clear. For the love of all that is holy, you must make something fit for an actual human.

Setsuna: Fit for a human... Oh. You mean something only a master chef could come up with. I understand.

Azama: I haven't the foggiest notion how you came to that conclusion. Why are you reinterpreting what I said? How could I be more straightforward?

Setsuna: You don't need to. I hear you loud and clear, Azama. Don't worry... You don't want me to rest on my laurels. Obviously I need to aim higher. Just you leave it to me...

Azama: No, this is just a big misunderstanding. Listen to me closely. DON'T GIVE US ALL FOOD POISONING!

A Support

Setsuna: Azama, how did you enjoy the meal I made the other day?

Azama: I'm still in shock, but I have to admit that it was excellent. From the moment I took my first bite, I was in heaven. The rich collection of spices and herbs was unlike anything I've ever tasted. It was like there was a savory miracle right in my mouth. I've never had a meal that made me feel so gobsmacked before.

Setsuna: Oh, thank you...

Azama: How have you kept your talents obscured for so long? Have you been a visionary chef all along, and I just didn't notice it? If you cooked like this every time, I wouldn't have given you such a hard time.

Setsuna: You asked me to cook a dish that only a master chef could. So I had to get creative. Maybe there is a culinary guru within me.

Azama: That's a fascinating theory. But let's hold off on calling you a guru just yet. Tell me step-by-step how you came up with this alarmingly delicious meal.

Setsuna: Normally, I'd try to figure out which flavors I wanted to stand out the most. Or how I could combine plates to please every unique palate.

Azama: But that would require a lot of thinking. How bizarre.

Setsuna: After your request yesterday, I realized that I had to change up my process. For once, I wasn't going to think so much. I wanted to be in a serene mindset. Like monks when they meditate. After a while, I reached a zen state. It was like I'd achieved nirvana...

Azama: OK, let me get this straight. You worked hard to think EVEN LESS than usual. And decided it was a good idea to cook that way for everyone here. Is that right?

Setsuna: Yes, exactly. That's how I made the meal.

Azama: To think that my sarcastic remark brought about a culinary miracle. Amazing. As you know, I meditate every day. And it's true that freeing yourself from thought can be an enlightening experience. Perhaps you tapped into a preternatural gift you didn't know existed. Either way, I'm just pleased that I got to enjoy such a delicious meal! Setsuna, I demand that you never think again when you cook in the future. Please, I beg you!

Setsuna: OK, if you insist...

S Support

Setsuna: Azama, do you have a moment to talk?

Azama: Sure. What is it? Are you going to cook a meal again tonight?

Setsuna: No, it's not that. I—

Azama: IF you are, I can't overstate how important being in your zen state will be. If you do that, the food is guaranteed to come out perfectly sublime again.

Setsuna: I have to be totally honest with you. That's not exactly what happened last time.

Azama: What do you mean?

Setsuna: Well I told you before that my secret was not thinking about what I was doing. But the truth is I was actually trying my hardest to make something you might like.

Azama: What?!

Setsuna: Oh no, I didn't mean to tell you...

Azama: Well of course you didn't! So why were you so intent on pleasing me anyway?

Setsuna: I... I like you.

Azama: Incredible. You know, you're really one of the strangest people I've ever met. I barely understand you. How could you possibly like me anyway? I'm always being rude and sarcastic!

Setsuna: That's very sweet of you to say.

Azama: As per usual, you don't understand me! *sigh* I can't believe I'm saying this... But perhaps fate brought us together for a reason. Only someone as inherently kind as you could ever accept me for who I am. It's as if the gods are staring down and laughing their heads off at me.

Setsuna: You mean—

Azama: Fine, yes. I admit it. I like you too. And I've felt that way for a long time. This is so embarrassing.

Setsuna: Oh, Azama, you always say the sweetest things to me. I'm overwhelmed...

Azama: You and me both, Setsuna. Say, why don't we go for a walk? I think we've got a lot to discuss.

Setsuna: Hmm? You sound different somehow.

Azama: Heh. Well, maybe I'm trying to turn over a new leaf. Sometimes I feel like I might get on other people's nerves.

Setsuna: I can't imagine why...