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C Support

Nina: Mmm...that was really something. The way those men were chatting like old friends... What could they have been talking about? The mind wanders...

Avatar: Ah, Nina. I'm glad you're home.

Nina: Gah! Mother?! What are you doing here? I thought you were training! You didn't hear me talking about...stuff... Did you?

Avatar: What sort of "stuff" do you mean...?

Nina: Nothing! Don't worry about it! Whew...

Avatar: Well, regardless, you should know that I cleaned up a bit in your room.

Nina: Mother! That's my private space.

Avatar: That's as may be, but it was getting hard to ignore, Nina... If you can't find the books that were under the bed, try the top shelf on the bookcase.

Nina: Oh my gods, oh my gods, oh my gods... PLEASE tell me you didn't open any of those books...

Avatar: Er...what?

Nina: My diaries and journals, Mother! Did you read them or didn't you?

Avatar: Oh, don't worry. I didn't go snooping through your things. ...And even if I did, you are still my precious, darling daughter.

Nina: What's that supposed to mean? It sounds like you DID read them! Well? Did you or didn't you? ARRRRGH!

B Support

Nina: *sigh* Why does it have to be so difficult...

Avatar: Is something troubling you, Nina?

Nina: Oh...hi, Mother. I...I dunno.

Avatar: Don't be shy. If it's anything I can help with, I'd like to know.

Nina: Well, I suppose things can't get any worse... I...I have a hard time talking to guys. But I think about them all the time! I feel like such a freak. Like they know that I'm thinking about them... And I just clam up and turn red. It's so awful!

Avatar: That sounds unfortunate. But I suppose you must learn to deal with it on your own.

Nina: Ugh, you don't understand! When I finally manage to stammer a few words out... I start acting super mean and creepy for no reason! I need to change. But I don't know how...

Avatar: If you recognize that you're being mean and hurtful, that's an excellent starting point. All it truly takes is a compassionate heart and the will to change. Someday, you'll find your way to the person you want to be.

Nina: You really think so?

Avatar: Change doesn't come overnight. But it will happen someday, I assure you.

Nina: Thanks, Mother. I actually feel a little bit better.

Avatar: I wouldn't have thought you had difficulties talking to people, though. It's not the impression I had of you from your journals...

Nina: Wait, so you DID read them? AGHHH! I'm going to DIEEEEEE!

A Support

Nina: Hey, Mother. Guess what? I talked to a guy today, and it wasn't weird at all!

Avatar: Oh? Tell me all about it.

Nina: Well, it was pretty basic as far as talking goes. I just gave him directions. But I didn't say anything weird or run away randomly!

Avatar: My goodness. It sounds as though you're making great strides.

Nina: Right? I've been giggling about it all afternoon.

Avatar: Keep making progress like that, and you'll have plenty of conversation partners. Perhaps then you can put your old hobbies behind you...

Nina: I thought we agreed to never speak of...my hobbies...ever again!

Avatar: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have spoken so negatively of them. I thought you showed a real gift for subterfuge in your writings.

Nina: How many of my diaries did you read, Mother? Jeez!

Avatar: Enough to compile into a training manual for the troops. I credited you for your many valuable insights on stealth operations, of course.

Nina: WHAT?! Why would you do that? WHY?

Avatar: Because I'm so proud of you, and I want everybody to know it.

Nina: Great. Now everyone knows what a huge freak I am. Thanks, Mother.

Avatar: It's not freakish so much as...special. Unique, let's say. Definitely one of a kind, which is why I love you so much, my dear Nina.