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C Support

Arthur: Shigure? Back to painting again, eh?

Shigure: Hello, Father. Sorry, I didn't hear you come in. I know this is no time for painting, since we're at war and all.

Arthur: No, please, don't misunderstand. I'm not upset that you're painting. Quite the opposite, in fact. I'm actually saddened by your situation. I truly believe you could have become a world-class artist in a different time.

Shigure: That's very flattering, Father. But I don't know about that.

Arthur: Modesty is one of your many virtues. If only there was a way to show off all these paintings of yours. Hmm... I'm sure I can think of something.

Shigure: What do you mean?

Arthur: Wait, I know just what to do! Eureka! Shigure, we will throw a big solo exhibition for you!

Shigure: A-an exhibition? I could never do that! Besides, our troops are on the advance. The setup alone would be way more work than it's worth.

Arthur: Don't worry too much about the details. All we have to do is rent a tent and enlist the villagers and soldiers to help. Then we just have to show off your art!

Shigure: B-but it seems so vain to reserve a whole tent just for my personal use.

Arthur: You're missing the point. This isn't just for you. It's for the whole community! With war raging, we need art to soothe our souls more than ever. That's something that only you can do!

Shigure: I'm not sure...

Arthur: I'm not trying to force your hand. If you aren't comfortable, I understand.

Shigure: OK, fine... Maybe we should give the exhibition a try. But I have to admit that the idea makes me a little anxious.

Arthur: Don't be! This will be an incredible event! We need to get started right away. There's no time to waste! I'm going to run into town to start recruiting some helpers. Time is of the essence, and careful preparation is key! Talk to you soon!

(Arthur leaves)

Shigure: OK. Thank you, Father.

B Support

Shigure: Hello, Father...

Arthur: Ah, Shigure! Is something wrong? You look upset today.

Shigure: Well... You've done so much to make this exhibition a possibility. I just wanted to say thanks.

Arthur: Hahaha! Now, Son, I really haven't done anything all that important. As soon as I started talking about the exhibition, everyone wanted to help. I was asked to stay away after accidents occurred during the preparations. So really, it's everyone else you should thank. But things are going smoothly! Just relax and get ready for your big day!

Shigure: I-I'll try...

Arthur: Hmm? Shigure, are you nervous?

Shigure: A little bit. But mostly I'm concerned about my newest painting. It's just not coming together like I hoped it would.

Arthur: Right, the one you're making specifically for the exhibition, yes? While I would love to see a new work from you, time is running short. Is it really necessary to complete one more piece? You already have so many paintings.

Shigure: I promised myself that I would get it done. So many people have come together to give me this opportunity. And the final piece really unites the show. I have to keep going.

Arthur: Hmm... Is that so? Working yourself to the bone is no good. Please, don't push yourself too hard.

Shigure: I'll try not to. Thank you, Father. I should probably get back to my painting.

Arthur: Do your best, Son!

(Shigure leaves)

Arthur: I wonder why he's so dedicated to finishing this last painting?

A Support

Arthur: After tireless preparations, the big day is finally here! Shigure's solo exhibition! I've stayed far away to ensure that nothing unnatural occurred. I'm sure my presence now is perfectly fine. The spectators are still pouring in. There's quite a bit of noise coming from inside the tent. Incredible... The show is filled to the brim. What an impressive turnout! And from what I've overheard, Shigure's art is earning rave reviews. I think it's safe to say that this event is a great success. This was obviously one of my better ideas. But where is the man of the hour?

Shigure: *pant*...*pant*...

Arthur: Shigure? Why are you out of breath? Did you just arrive? How could you be late to your own event?

Shigure: Sorry about that, Father. I've been up all night finishing my painting.

Arthur: What?! All night?

Shigure: Y-yes.

Arthur: Son, I appreciate your passionate commitment to the arts. But if you had made yourself ill, this event could have been canceled. Look around. There are plenty of paintings on the walls. Why was it so important to push yourself?

Shigure: I promised myself that I would complete it, no matter what. I made this because I'm thankful for everything you've done for me, Father.

Arthur: Wh-what?! Th-this painting...it's of Azura and myself?

Shigure: Yes, it is.

Arthur: So this is what's taken up all of your time?

Shigure: My love for you two is beyond measure. You brought me into this world. Without you, I never would have been able to paint. So I wanted to put all those feelings into this portrait.

Arthur: Y-you really took me by surprise. I'm at a loss for words. But I must say... Thank you! I am eternally grateful for this honor, Shigure!

Shigure: F-Father, I can't breathe when you hug me so tightly, hahaha.

Arthur: You're a wonderful son. I couldn't be more proud of you.

Shigure: Thank you. It's an honor to be your son.

Arthur: Indeed... Ah! There's no time for dallying! This piece must be put on display!

Shigure: Now I'm a little bit embarrassed.

Arthur: Why? Because this painting depicts your handsome parents? Be proud! Everyone should see this! There's no doubt about it. This is the finest canvas here! We'll have to find the perfect place to hang it up. Right, Son?

Shigure: That's right, Father!