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C Support

Keaton: Oh, this one's good too! Ah, and this one's INCREDIBLE! Ooh! This hair ball is the best I've seen in ages! The way its shiny bits catch the light and shine like a rainbow... Wow! I've hit the jackpot here. This whole area is filled with treasure!

Arthur: Well done, young wolf man. Color me impressed.

Keaton: Excuse me?

Arthur: You are a noble youth, indeed, to take it upon yourself to pick up trash like that. I can no longer watch you do your good deeds from afar! Here, let me help.

Keaton: What did you just say?!

Arthur: Um...excuse me? Oh! I'm ever so sorry. Is "wolf man" offensive to your people?

Keaton: Huh? I don't care about something dumb like that. But did you just call my findings TRASH?! Are you blind or something? This hair ball is top quality!

Arthur: Oh... I, um...apologize? I didn't mean to infer that your trash was low quality.

Keaton: ... Go. JUST GO!!

Arthur: ...I'll just leave you to it, then.

(Arthur leaves)

Keaton: The NERVE of some people! Now, where was I...?

B Support

Keaton: Arthur! I've been meaning to talk to you about your dumb comments the other day.

Arthur: Ah, about that... Please accept my sincerest apologies. I'll be honest—I'm still a little confused about the whole thing... But I AM truly sorry to have caused you such distress.

Keaton: Yeah, whatever. I've decided to be the bigger person, as usual, and forgive you. It all comes down to ignorance. It's not your fault; most humans are that way. So I'm gonna do you a favor and show you how amazing my treasures really are! First up is...this!

Arthur: Wh-what is it? It looks like a mangled piece of fried shrimp...

Keaton: TRY to contain your own ignorance, Arthur! I'm doing you a favor here! Sheesh. This isn't a shrimp! It's a pinecone. This is what one looks like after a squirrel's torn it apart for the pine nuts. Isn't it amazing? This one's a particularly fine specimen. Impressive, right?!

Arthur: Hmm. Ah. Ehem. I suppose you could say it's impressive in a...roundabout way.

Keaton: Man, you're tough. That's fine. Whatever. This next one will do the trick... Here, take a look at this!

Arthur: It appears to be a simple rock...

Keaton: A simple rock? Are you insane?! Look at it—it's shaped like a star! That's really rare, you know!

Arthur: I could see how that's rare. Sorry, but I still don't quite—

Keaton: What is WITH you?! Have you no soul? OK. I'm pulling out all the stops. Take a look at...THIS! See! It's a sun-dried bat!

Arthur: A sun-dried...bat? I don't even... In the name of justice... I'm sorry, Keaton, but this is going way beyond trash now...

Keaton: It's an art, really. First you have to split the bat in half... Then you have to salt it and then hang it in a cool, dry place for a few days...

Arthur: Argh! Please stop, my friend! I...I really don't wish to know any more about this.

Keaton: Oh? Are bats too small to impress you? Here, I have something larger...

Arthur: N-no, please! That's really enough. I think I finally understand. I realize now that you have a unique way of looking at the world. To each their own, I say! Even so, I can't say that I personally get what you see in these things.

Keaton: But...how can I make you understand? Tell me!

Arthur: ... I can see this means a lot to you. Tell you what—how about I bring YOU a treasure that's sure to impress? That will show you that I sufficiently appreciate your taste in collectibles. If I succeed, you'll also have a new treasure to add to your collection. Do we have a deal?

Keaton: Interesting. Color me intrigued, Hero Man. It's a deal! But don't take this lightly. Remember, I'm a treasure expert!

Arthur: Understood! I shall not fail you!

A Support

Arthur: ...Hello, Keaton.

Keaton: Arthur! I've been looking all over for you. How'd your treasure hunting go?!

Arthur: I'm ashamed to say that I failed my mission. I don't know what to say...

Keaton: Huh? Really? Lame.

Arthur: It was harder than I thought. All I managed to find was this.

Keaton: Wait. Is that...?

Arthur: I know, it's trash. I went deep into the forest looking for something impressive. As I searched, I was suddenly attacked by a Faceless. It caught me off guard and pinned me. We rolled about a fair bit as I struggled to break free, and we ended up on a cliffside. With the force of justice on my side, I was able to maneuver out of its iron grip... Well, for a moment, at least. Soon enough it overtook me and threw me down the cliff.

Keaton: You were thrown off a cliff?! Are you...OK?

Arthur: Oh, I'm fine. It wasn't very steep, and I fell into some water. Only my pride was injured. But as I fell, I reached out my hand and grabbed at the beast's head.

Keaton: And?!

Arthur: Well, this is what I got. I know it's not much.

Keaton: Are you saying this is...?

Arthur: Indeed. The hair of a Faceless. Pathetic, I know.

Keaton: ?!

Arthur: I'll do better next time, my friend. That's a promise.

Keaton: WHOA! I don't believe it!!

Arthur: Hm?!

Keaton: It's so rare...so HAIRY! It's really beautiful! Wow, this is an amazing find. To think that Faceless have treasure just growing on their heads!

Arthur: K-Keaton? Your eyes are gleaming, and your tail is wagging furiously!

Keaton: Hm?! What? No! My tail is definitely NOT wagging! It's not like this is amazing or anything! I mean...I know I said it was amazing... But, what I meant was...

Arthur: Wow. I don't know what to say. Well, as promised, if you like it so much, it's all yours. Though I really don't see why you would want a clump of hair...

Keaton: WHOA! Are you sure? Can I really have this?!

Arthur: Well, of course. My word is my honor.

Keaton: W-well I'm not incredibly happy or anything, but... I mean... Well... Thanks. I guess. You did a pretty good job in the end. You're OK, Arthur. Kind of. Given your accomplishment, I suppose... I could help you pick up trash sometime. Not that I owe you one or anything.

Arthur: That would be marvelous! I'd be happy to have you join me.

Keaton: Heh, no problem. Just make sure you show me everything you pick up. You have the strangest idea of what passes for trash, buddy.