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C Support

Charlotte: Oh, Arthuuuuuur!

Arthur: Ah, hello, Charlotte. How can I help you?

Charlotte: I know this may seem very sudden, but I just wanted to tell you you're wonderful! I couldn't help but notice during the battle the other day... Well, you're an impressive figure on the battlefield. You looked so brave and strong. I just had to tell you what I was thinking, teehee!

Arthur: Ah, I see. Thank you. As one pursuing the cause of justice, it is good to know I strike an imposing figure.

Charlotte: You're just so muscular and strong. I'd love to have someone like you keeping me safe from harm...

Arthur: Excuse me?

Charlotte: I...don't have anyone to really protect me. I'm not as powerful as the other fighters, so it's scary for me on the battlefield...

Arthur: Hrm.

Charlotte: Is something wrong?

Arthur: Something doesn't seem quite right... I can't put my finger on it, but your words don't ring true to me.

Charlotte: Wh-what do you mean? Just look at me! How could I not need protecting in battle? Maybe you hit your head earlier and aren't thinking clearly.

Arthur: That could be true... I'm sorry, I apologize for the misunderstanding. I'll take your words to heart, and I will be sure to protect you—for justice!

Charlotte: Oh, I'm so happy! Thank you!

B Support

Charlotte: ...Arthur? You look distressed. Is there something bothering you?

Arthur: Oh, hello, Charlotte. I've just been thinking, is all. I'm really not sure you need my protection.

Charlotte: What? Why do you say that?

Arthur: I noticed something when we were in battle... I was working hard to protect you, but an enemy slipped by while I was fighting. I was worried as he made his way toward you, but you effortlessly defeated him. It only took a single blow from you to do it, too. I realized that you might actually be protecting me.

Charlotte: ... Oh, you! You're just making this story up to flatter me, aren't you? I don't even remember which fight you're talking about!

Arthur: It was the most recent battle. In fact, your whole attitude changed as soon as the fighting started. You let out a fierce cry and charged the enemy. I saw many of them go pale. And...I remember now... It was you who pulled me out of the way of some magic. You pulled me with only one arm.

Charlotte: I... Um... That...must have been when I was possessed! By the enemy! Yes!

Arthur: Wha-what?! An enemy possessed you?

Charlotte: Yes? I mean, yes! That's exactly what happened! Oh, it was awful. I was filled with this intense blood thirst... And such strength! It was like being a completely different person.

Arthur: I see. That sounds awful.

Charlotte: Y-you believe me?

Arthur: Of course.

Charlotte: ...

A Support

Arthur: ...

Charlotte: Hello, Arthur. What was it you wanted to talk about?

Arthur: I'll get right to it. In my pursuit of justice, I've found I must confront you. I must hear the truth.

Charlotte: The truth?

Arthur: Indeed. Now that I watch, I see that you display extreme prowess in all our battles. I thought that you were possessed again, but there were no spellcasters left to do it. I would like to hear an explanation from you.

Charlotte: Ah...well... Ahaha... Ahahahaha...

Arthur: What... Why are you laughing?

Charlotte: I'm just amused my act held up as long as it did! Truthfully, I can fight just fine. I've found that if I show that to men, they tend to pull away, though. What you saw on the battlefield was the real me.

Arthur: I-I see... You don't need to worry about me pulling away, however. I consider you a dependable companion.

Charlotte: Companion?

Arthur: Yes. More than that, really. I have protected many people up 'til now. It is a rare thing when they can hold their own in my pursuit of justice! In fact, when I see you fighting, it drives me to fight harder, too.

Charlotte: Heh, interesting. I didn't realize there were words that would make me feel better than being pampered. From now on I'll be honest with you, and I'll protect you, too.

Arthur: Hah, I'll trust you to watch my back.

S Support

Charlotte: Arthur, you summoned me? Something about needing to talk, I believe?

Arthur: Indeed. There was something I've been wanting to ask you about.

Charlotte: What's that?

Arthur: When we first started talking, you had a certain way of speaking. You hid how you normally act behind a false personality, correct?

Charlotte: Yes, that's right.

Arthur: And that's something you do toward men you'd like attention from?

Charlotte: Yes... What are you trying to say?

Arthur: I want to give you that kind of attention. Charlotte, I think I love you.

Charlotte: What?! You love me... That's... No, you should pursue someone else.

Arthur: Why? I find you amazing, and I've never met a woman like you before.

Charlotte: You don't know if that's true. Many people hide their true selves from the world.

Arthur: That may be true... But I've already fallen for you. The real you, not the one you use as a mask.

Charlotte: You told me the other day that we were good companions. I'm happy to remain that way.

Arthur: Why?

Charlotte: Because love is a fragile thing that falls apart eventually, but companionship... That could go on forever, couldn't it?

Arthur: If that's what you're worried about, you shouldn't be. I swear I will love you forever.

Charlotte: ...Are you serious?

Arthur: On my honor as a champion of justice, you and I will never be apart.

Charlotte: ... I can't really refuse such a pledge, can I? Very well.

Arthur: Hmm? Do you mean...?

Charlotte: Just remember! You've only seen my true self on the battlefield. There's no running away now, even when you see how I am off the battlefield!

Arthur: I'm not worried in the slightest! I've never run from a challenge.