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C Support

Arthur: Hello, Beruka! There's something I need to ask you about. I saw you speaking with a gentleman of questionable character earlier. I hate to pry... But who was he, and what business did you have with him?

Beruka: ... That's not your business, is it?

Arthur: Enforcing justice IS my business, and that man reeked of evil. I have a hard time believing you and he were up to anything good, Beruka. Consider how it would affect Lady Camilla if you were tied to any wrongdoing...

Beruka: ...

Arthur: You don't seem to have much to say on the subject. Well, just know that my eyes of justice are ever upon you.

Beruka: Justice, eh? What does that mean, anyway? I can't figure it out...

Arthur: Are you interested in justice?! Then let us discuss! Justice means many things to many people. For me, it's a way of life. It's waking up before your friends to go on patrol... It's searching high and low to locate a lost child for their frantic parents... It's coming across an injured elderly person and becoming their legs for them... It's hearing a crying baby and crying with it until it calms down... It's jumping into a fight and turning angry fists into friendly handshakes... Justice is all these things, and so much more! That's what it means to ME, in any case.

Beruka: ... You're interesting.

Arthur: Really? You find my musings on Lady Justice interesting?! Well, if you insist, I can keep going! Let's see... What else is justice...?

B Support

Arthur: Ah, Beruka! How are you on this fine day? Might I ask if your understanding of justice has deepened since we last spoke?

Beruka: Yes... I think I understand it a little more now. At least, I have a better idea of what YOU think justice is.

Arthur: Wonderful! To be honest, I was surprised by how intently you listened to me.

Beruka: Well... No one's ever taken the time to talk to me about right and wrong before. I guess that's why it was interesting hearing you go on and on about it.

Arthur: I see...

Beruka: Well, I must be going now. Good-bye.

Arthur: Wait! Where are you going?

Beruka: I cannot say.

Arthur: Could it have something to do with that suspicious man from the other day?

Beruka: ...Yes, it does. I've been hired to assassinate someone.

Arthur: Oh. I see. And...who's your target?

Beruka: A government official visiting the capitol.

Arthur: I see. That's quite a coincidence... I've been commissioned for a job myself. To protect a visiting government official. His people caught wind of an assassination plot. That said, I must be off as well.

Beruka: Wait... Doesn't that mean...?

Arthur: Yes, I'm afraid so. Truly regrettable.

Beruka: ... For the record, I always complete my missions.

Arthur: What a coincidence. So do I.

Beruka: ...

Arthur: ...

A Support

Arthur: Beruka! We need to talk. Why did you retreat in the middle of your mission to assassinate that official? I thought you said you always complete a mission no matter what... Was it because of my justice talk?

Beruka: That's...extremely self-centered of you to think that.

Arthur: Ah. Well then. If that's not the reason, then what is?

Beruka: I became aware of a third party at work.

Arthur: A third party?

Beruka: Yes. There was another assassin present.

Arthur: Oh? Was there really?

Beruka: Yes. I was watching the official from a nearby alley. I was waiting for the right moment to make my move... Then it happened. As I was about to strike, that carriage burst through and ran you over.

Arthur: Ah... So you saw that.

Beruka: I did. I also saw the roof cave in and flatten you like a leaf.

Arthur: Yes, that rather smarted.

Beruka: Only a professional assassin could pull off something like that. I'm not sure what their objective was, but they clearly had it out for you. That's why I decided I'd better make a strategic retreat. After all, it's dangerous to operate without knowing who or where your enemy is.

Arthur: ... Well... A victory is a victory, I suppose.

Beruka: There's something else.

Arthur: Oh? Did you also see me slip in that puddle on the way home?

Beruka: ...No. It's just, I think everything turned out for the best in the end. If I had carried out my mission...I might have ended up killing you. Collateral damage, you know?

Arthur: You're glad I'm safe, are you? Those don't sound like the words of a hardened assassin.

Beruka: No, I guess not. I suppose I wanted to hear you talk a little more about your idea of justice. That would be hard if you were dead. I thought only crazy old men and sleazy politicians talked about such things. But...you're different. You really seem to believe in what you say. This may sound harsh, but you're an idiot.

Arthur: Thank you, Beru— Wait, what? That took an unexpected turn...

Beruka: It's true. Only an idiot would try to live his life solely in the service of justice.

Arthur: Hahaha! I would love to hear your opinion as to why that's so. Perhaps we could also further discuss the nature of sweet justice while we're at it!

Beruka: That sounds...nice.

S Support

Beruka: I'm here, Arthur. What did you want to talk about?

Arthur: Beruka! Hello...

Beruka: What's wrong with you? Why did you want to meet in the middle of nowhere?

Arthur: I have something important to discuss with you... I've been thinking— Waaaaah!

(Arthur leaves)

Beruka: What...was that? Why is there a random pitfall here?! Could this be the work of that assassin who sabotaged my last job? Arthur! Perhaps their target wasn't the official... I think they're after YOU! Here, give me your hand.

Arthur: Th-thank you... You saved my life.

Beruka: We'd better change locations for now. It's dangerous here...

(fade to black)

Beruka: We should be safe now. That was close...

Arthur: Indeed. Before anything else happens... Here. This is for you.

Beruka: Th-this is...a ring!!

Arthur: Yes. I know it's sudden, but I'd like to ask for your hand in marriage...

Beruka: No... This is crazy... I don't understand what your angle is! I mean, I know that when I'm with you... I...I feel... B-but marriage is...! Love and all that... I'm out of my element here. I don't fully understand what love even is...

Arthur: I'm a determined person, Beruka. Quite meddlesome, too. If need be, I'll talk to you every day until you understand what love is. I want nothing more than to talk to you, and protect you, and love you... I want to be with you day and night!

Beruka: ... I...I think I understand. To repay you for teaching me about love, I will deal with your mystery assassin.

Arthur: About that... There, um...actually isn't a mystery assassin after me at all.

Beruka: I don't understand...

Arthur: I just have terribly bad luck. That's the true cause of everything you've witnessed. There was no third party, I'm afraid. Just a rather unlucky seeker of justice.

Beruka: ... ...

Arthur: Beruka? Are you...OK?

Beruka: Hehehe... Hahahaha!

Arthur: What's wrong?! I've never seen you laugh like that!

Beruka: Heheh... I'm sorry for laughing. Being toyed with by an assassin that doesn't exist is just too funny. But I suppose I should be grateful for your bad luck. If it weren't for everything that happened, we might never have grown so close.

Arthur: You're right... And I might never have heard the world's loveliest laugh.

Beruka: When we're married, I can help protect you from your own bad luck, Arthur. You've taught me so much... It's the least I can do.

Arthur: Does that mean...you accept?

Beruka: Gladly. Thank you, Arthur.

Arthur: No, thank YOU! We're going to be the happiest champions of justice ever!