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Etzel - Series 13

Etzel: Seeker of a Strifeless World
Class Sorcerer (Advanced) Cost 4(3)
Symbol Red None Affinities Male Tome None None None
Attack 60 Support 20 Range 1-2
Quote "I've no taste for war, but I do have a fierce hunger for ending it. Let's usher in a new era, you and I."
Skill 1 Era-Changing Desire ACT Once Per Turn [Discard 1 card from your hand] This unit gets +20 Attack until end of turn.
Skill 2 Requiescat Sorcery AUTO [ Flip 2 Bonds ] When this unit attacks your opponent's Main Character, you may pay the cost. If you do, your opponent discards 1 card.
Card Code B13-079HN Illustrator Tomohide Takaya

Etzel: Wandering Dark Mage
Class Dark Mage (Base) Cost 1
Symbol Red None Affinities Male Tome None None None
Attack 30 Support 20 Range 1-2
Quote "Will there be no end to this bloodshed?"
Skill Dark Mage's Flames CONT While your opponent has 4 or less cards in their hand, this unit gets +10 Attack.
Support Skill Attack Support Darkness Emblem SUPP If your opponent has 5 or more cards in their hand, your opponent chooses 1 card from their hand and discards it.
Card Code B13-080N Illustrator Tomohide Takaya