Dorothea (Three Hopes)

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Route Chapter Condition
Scarlet Blaze TBA TBA
Azure Gleam Chapter 5 Must use Persuade Dorothea strategy during the Main Quest and then defeat Dorothea in battle.
Golden Wildfire TBA TBA


Class 1-star 2-star 3-star
Myrmidon Spd +2 Sword Prowess Grounder
Soldier Max HP +500 Lance Prowess Knightkneeler
Fighter Str +2 Axe Prowess Swinging Fury
Monk Res +2 Faith Heal
Mercenary Vantage Sword Prowess, Windsweep Mercenary's Ploy
Thief Dex +2 Sword Prowess Thief's Ploy, Lightblade
Armored Knight Def +2 Axe Prowess, Lightning Axe Armored Infantry's Ploy
Cavalier Battalion Desperation Lance Prowess, Thunder Rush Knight's Ploy
Brigand Death Blow Invigorating Spirit Warrior's Ploy
Archer Archer's Ploy, Spiral Shot Bow Prowess, Break Shot Armsthrift, Point-Blank Volley
Mage Mag +2, Thoron Reason Mage's Ploy
Priest Miracle, Physic Faith Priest's Ploy
Pegasus Knight Pegasus Knight's Ploy Darting Blow Stormblade
Swordmaster Spd +B Provoke, Finesse Blade Astra
Assassin Dex +B Lethality Assassinate
Fortress Knight Def +B Pavise Wild Abandon
Paladin Max HP +B Lance Prowess Tempest Lance
Wyvern Rider Defiant Str Wyvern Rider's Ploy Diamond Axe
Warrior Str +B Axe Prowess Wrath, War Strike
Sniper Thunderbolt Bow Prowess, Tornado Shot Awakening Assist, Hunter's Volley
Warlock Boost Critical, Sagittae Reason Apex Tome, Meteor
Bishop Res +B Faith Renewal
Dancer Sword Dance Special Dance Rally Charm
Falcon Knight Lance Jab Speed Catalyst Sol
Wyvern Lord Helm Splitter Str +C Safeguard
Mortal Savant Haze Slice Spd +C Counterbreak
Trickster Pass, Electric Grounder Dex +C Burst of Resolve
Great Knight Armored Cavalry's Ploy, Armored Strike Def +C Nullify Armored Effect
Bow Knight Ward Arrow Bow Prowess, Deadeye Battle Instincts
Dark Knight Dark Lance Max HP +C, Titanic Might Panache
Holy Knight Lightstrike Cyclical Awakening, Shatter Slash Shining Guardian
Gremory Bowbreaker Reason, Agnea's Arrow Lightning Assist