Disciple of Order (Cipher)

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Disciple of Order - Series 16

Disciple of Order: Golden Warrior
Class Halberdier (Advanced) Cost 3(2)
Symbol Medallion None Affinities Male Lance None None None
Attack 60 Support 10 Range 1
Quote "We have been charged by the goddess Ashera to cleanse your taint from the world!"
Skill 1 The Goddess's Legions SPEC You may deploy this card even if you already have an allied "Disciple of Order", and you may have 2 or more allied "Disciple of Order" at once.
Skill 2 "Death to the heathens!" AUTO [ Flip 1 Bond ] When this unit is deployed, you may pay the cost and if you do: Choose 1 "Disciple of Order" from your Retreat Area, and add it to your hand.
Skill 3 Blessing of Order CONT If you have an allied "Ashera", this unit gains +20 attack.
Card Code B16-086HN Illustrator Kotetsu Kinoshita