Colm (Cipher)

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Colm - Series 11

Colm: Good-Natured Thief
Class Thief (Base) Cost 2
Symbol Legendary Weapons None Affinities Male Sword None None None
Attack 50 Support 10 Range 1
Quote "Ha! And not a soul saw me. These bandits are easy picking."
Skill 1 "Oops! Beg your pardon." AUTO When this unit is deployed: Reveal the top card of your opponent’s deck. You may then place that card in their Retreat Area.
Skill 2 Pick ACT [ Tap This Unit ] Reveal the top card of your opponent's deck. If that card has a Deployment Cost of 3 or higher, you may Flip 1 Bond. If you do, draw 1 card.
Card Code B11-015N Illustrator Sachiko Wada