Class Descriptions (Awakening)

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Class Description
Lord A youth of royal blood. Wields swords.
Great Lord A seasoned leader of royal blood. Wields swords, lances.
Tactician An aspiring tactician of cryptic origins. Wields swords, tomes.
Grandmaster A seasoned tactician upon whom victory hinges.
Cavalier A mounted knight with balanced stats. Wields swords, lances.
Paladin A seasoned, majestic cavalier. Has high Mov and Res.
Great Knight A seasoned knight or cavalier. Wields swords, lances, axes.
Knight A heavily armored knight with high Def. Weak against magic.
General A seasoned knight with superior Atk/Def. Wields lances, axes.
Myrmidon A swift specialist in the blade who makes for a tricky target.
Swordmaster A seasoned myrmidon with high Skill/Spd. Wields swords.
Mercenary A combat professional with high stats all around. Wields swords.
Hero A seasoned fighter or merc with high Skill. Wields swords, axes.
Fighter A scrapper with punishingly high Str. Wields axes.
Warrior A seasoned fighter with peerless Str. Wields axes, bows.
Barbarian A savage thug with high Str/Spd, but low Def.
Berserker A seasoned barbarian whose axe strikes fear in the enemy.
Archer A unit that can attack enemies from a distance. Wields bows.
Sniper A seasoned archer with superior Skill who has mastered the bow.
Bow Knight A seasoned, mounted archer. Wields swords, bows.
Thief A shadowy figure who fares better picking locks than fights.
Assassin A seasoned and deadly thief or myrmidon. Wields swords, bows.
Trickster A seasoned thief and infamous rogue. Wields swords, staves.
Pegasus Knight A graceful flier. Strong against magic, weak against bows.
Falcon Knight A seasoned pegasus knight on a new mount. Wields lances, staves.
Dark Flier A seasoned pegasus knight who wields lances and tomes.
Wyvern Rider A proud flier with high stats. Weak against bows and magic.
Wyvern Lord A seasoned wyvern rider who wields axes and lances.
Griffon Rider A seasoned and well-balanced wyvern rider on a new mount.
Mage A tome wielder whose magic works well on armored foes.
Sage A seasoned mage or healer with high Mag. Wields tomes, staves.
Dark Mage A mage able to use dark tomes. High in Def and tough to kill.
Sorcerer A seasoned dark mage with fearsome Mag.
Dark Knight A seasoned, mounted mage who wields tomes and swords.
Cleric/Priest A female/male healer who uses staves. Cannot attack.
War Cleric/Monk A seasoned cleric/priest who heals with staves and hurts with axes.
Troubadour A mounted healer who uses staves. Cannot attack.
Valkyrie A seasoned, hardy troubadour. Uses staves, tomes.
Villager An ordinary villager. Weak, but capable of great things.
Dancer A gifted artist whose dances inspire allies back to action.
Taguel A dying race with great power while in beast form.
Manakete A legendary race with awesome power while in dragon form.
Conqueror The dauntless emperor of Valm. Wields swords, lances, axes.
DLC Class Description
Bride A woman blessed by Lady Luck. Wields lances, bows, and staves.
Dread Fighter An enigma with superior resistance. Wields swords, axes, and tomes.
Lodestar The Hero-King from the sagas said to have saved the world.
Outrealm Class This class is obtained at the Outrealm Gate.
Enemy only Class Description
Soldier An ordinary soldier. Wields a lance.
Revenant A Risen minion with sharp claws and high Str.
Entombed A noble Risen with high Str and hatred for the living.
Grima The fell dragon who seeks to usher in a dark future.
Mirage The Wellspring's reflection of one who stands before it.
NPC only Class Description
Merchant A traveling merchant. Save her and it may pay off...