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These summaries are viewed while on the world map by tapping the "Story" icon on the lower screen.

Premonition: Invisible Ties
In a vision that feels neither real
nor dreamed, Robin and
Chrom defeat the mage Validar.
But in the vision's last moments,
events take an unexpected turn.

Prologue: The Verge of History
Robin is found lying in a
field with no memory. After he/she
helps Chrom fend off a band of
brigands, he/she is welcomed into
the Shepherds as a tactician.

Chapter 1: Unwelcome Change
A chaotic night in the woods
brings tremors and terrors, but a
swordsman named Marth comes
to the rescue. Back in Ylisstol,
Robin meets Emmeryn.

Chapter 2: Shepherds
Lissa introduces the other
Shepherds. They head north to
Regna Ferox to seek military aid
against the creatures from the
woods, now named "Risen."

Chapter 3: Warrior Realm
At the Longfort dividing Ylisse
and Ferox, the Shepherds are
taken for brigands and attacked
by the Feroxi Guard. A show of
force clears the matter up.

Chapter 4: Two Falchions
To secure Ferox's aid, Chrom
must defeat Marth in combat and
win East-Khan Flavia the throne.
Meanwhile, the kingdom of Plegia
kidnaps Lissa's friend Maribelle.

Chapter 5: The Exalt and the King
Emmeryn confronts King Gangrel
of Plegia, who demands the Fire
Emblem, an item vital to the
world's future. The parley ends
with a declaration of war.

Chapter 6: Foreseer
Marth warns Chrom that Exalt
Emmeryn will be assassinated.
The plot is thwarted, but Marth
is revealed to be a woman—and
one with knowledge of the future.

Chapter 7: Incursion
While escorting the exalt to
safety, the Ylisseans are
ambushed. Emmeryn gives Chrom
the Fire Emblem and returns to
Ylisstol to protect her people.

Chapter 8: The Grimleal
Chrom and Lissa learn their
sister is to be put to death, and
launch a rescue mission. On the
way, they battle the Grimleal:
the fell dragon's loyal followers.

Chapter 9: Emmeryn
The rescue fails, and Chrom is
forced to choose between the
Fire Emblem and his sister. To
spare him and the world further
conflict, Emmeryn ends her life.

Chapter 10: Renewal
Emmeryn's death devastates
Chrom, but Robin offers
words of support. They depart
for Plegia to settle matters with
King Gangrel once and for all.

Chapter 11: Mad King Gangrel
Gangrel is defeated. Two years
later, Chrom has married and
sired a daughter, Lucina. Upon
learning the Valmese Empire will
invade, Chrom departs for Ferox.

Chapter 12: The Seacomers
At Port Ferox, Chrom's men and
the Feroxi barely repel the fierce
Valmese attack. In need of ships
to drive Valm off, they turn to
an unlikely ally for help.

Chapter 13: Of Sacred Blood
While meeting with Validar—now
king of Plegia—Robin
sees a man/woman who could be his/her
twin. That night, he/she learns he/she
is Validar's son/daughter.

Chapter 14: Flames on the Blue
"Marth" admits she is Chrom's
daughter, Lucina, who has come
back in time to divert the world
from a grim future. They cross
the sea to the Valmese continent.

Chapter 15: Smoldering Resistance
In Valm Harbor, the Ylisseans
rescue Say'ri, a resistance
leader. They set out to free
Naga's "Voice," hoping to inspire
others to their cause.

Chapter 16: Naga's Voice
The Voice is safe, but Emperor
Walhart himself is now hunting
Say'ri and company down. They
must hurry to Fort Steiger to
weaken his army.

Chapter 17: Inexorable Death
The dynasts' betrayal forces the
Ylissean League to retreat and
divide. Their main force marches
on Yen'fay, while Basilio takes on
Walhart despite the dangers.

Chapter 18: Sibling Blades
The Ylisseans strike Yen'fay down
and learn of his sacrifice. When
they hear Basilio has died as well,
it is decided the time has come
to finally face Walhart.

Chapter 19: The Conqueror
The party challenges Walhart
near the capital and forces the
Conqueror to retreat. Soon
they are joined by unexpected
allies: the southern dynasts.

Chapter 20: The Sword or the Knee
Walhart's defeat ends the war—
but Lucina's dark future edges
closer. Chrom must perform the
Awakening and heads to Plegia
to secure the last Gemstone.

Chapter 21: Five Gemstones
Instead of handing over the
Gemstone, Validar manipulates
Robin to steal the Fire
Emblem. The Ylisseans barely
escape the castle alive.

Chapter 22: An Ill Presage
The Ylisseans go to the Dragon's
Table to retrieve the Emblem,
but the ritual to resurrect Grima
is already underway. They break
through and head for the altar.

Chapter 23: Invisible Ties
Robin and Basilio turn
the tables on Validar with a
brilliant deception. The "hiero-
phant" reveals himself/herself to be
Robin's future self.

Chapter 24: Awakening
The evil Robin has used
his/her life force to resurrect Grima.
To stop the dragon, Chrom must
ascend Mount Prism, perform the
Awakening, and win Naga's power.

Chapter 25: To Slay a God
The final battle looms, as does
a choice: return Grima to his
slumber with Chrom's sword
or slay the dragon in exchange
for Robin's life.