Chapter 5: true colors

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Chapter 5: True Colors

Disclaimer: Current script will start around the time you enter the Idolaspheres

Inside Illusory Daitou TV.

Lantern Room at East: <to be filled>

Lantern Room at North: >There are three Mirages in the room.

>There is clearly something going on between two of them.

Mirage on Guard: E-Excuse me... Could you please, um, quiet down a little? I'm also excited about Mr. Yashiro's concern, but please...

Miscreant Mirage: Hey, hey, hey! Us extras are gonna go get Mr. Yashiro's concern all heated up!

Rowdy Mirage: Mr. Yashiro was the most successful of all of us, so... I hope he kills it out there! Eheheheheh! I'm getting so fired up! Let's keep our hype up and get the real show on the road!

Mirage on Guard: (*Sigh*... I really wish someone would discipline them...)

>You approach the Mirages.

Mirage: Ah, wait, did the director send you? I came to investigate the noise, and the extras are causing a ruckus in the dressing room... I want them to quiet down, but I'm not so good with, you know, confrontations... Could you discipline them in my place?

The player is given two options on how to reply:

  • ...Understood.
  • Now's not a good time...

>If the player chooses option 2:


>If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: ...Understood.

Mirage: Okay then, please do your worst.

Mirage: Wow, you're so strong. You lookin' for a job in security? Kidding, kidding. I'll be fine for now, so I'll let the director know.

Itsuki: (Will this be okay for now...?)

In the Lantern Room at South:

>There are two Mirages in the room.

>They seem to be have started to talk after moving in front of the destroyed poster posted on the wall.

Haughty Mirage: Seriously, what's this "I am the true Yashiro" crap? The guy gets a little stronger, and suddenly everyone's swooning over him...

Easygoing Mirage: But Mr. Yashiro's strength is unparalleled. We couldn't possibly compare ourselves to him.

Haughty Mirage: It's probably just 'cause he happened to be the closest one to that stone when he was guarding it... And all that Performa gathering in the stone ended up affecting him. That's the only reason he's so strong, right? And not only mimicking a human, but holding a secret concert...? He's not thinking about all the staff who have to work setup for him.

Easygoing Mirage: Well, before he got all that strength, he wasn't really that different from the rest of us. Ah, I'd better get going now. Excuse me. Good luck getting the props ready.

>One of the mirages left the room.

>You approach the remaining Mirage.

Mirage: Ey, you... Could you possibly be here to help us out? We're the props team. How ya doin'. Look, I know it's a little sudden, but could you get us Light Essence for the lanterns? You can find Light Essence in the small room on the west side of the building. Please bring back 3 of them, please and thanks!

In Lantern Room at West:

>In the room, you see the Mirage you helped out before--the one called the AD.

Cast Mirage: Bruh! Scuse me, bruh!

Staff Mirage: You did a fine job at the recording of the Soulless Serenade Special. You have a great singing voice.

Cast Mirage: Yeah! Yeah, bruh, I was SLAMMIN' IT! So for this concert too, dog, I gotta sing again! The stage is callin' me!

Staff Mirage: Uh, I-I'm sorry, but that's... probably not going to happen.

Cast Mirage: Huh!? Bruh, why you being like that!? I'm tellin' ya, I'm the greatest! I WILL sing for that concert!

Staff Mirage: What with all the Performa being gathered at the Dragonstone, our friends are also getting interested in entertainment. We would love to accommodate everyone and ask all our friends to sing, but... For this concert, we're only permitting artists with Perform strong eough for Mr. Yashiro to acknowledge. No exceptions, I'm afraid.

Cast Mirage: Bruh!? What're you doing!? Yo, let me go! Bruhhhhh!

Staff Mirage: And I'm checking equipment... Anyone not working on the show really shouldn't touch it. I'll have to ask you to leave.

The Mirage was sent out of the room.

'Back at Lantern Room at South:'

Mirage: Oh, you brought the Light Essence back! I'll let the director know that you helped us. Thank you.

>Handed over 3 Light Essence(s).

Itsuki: (I think we're done with this place for now. Did I take care of all of them...? Let's go back to the director for now.)

>Back at area with locked door:

Mirage: Oh, it's you guys! I got the messages! As I promised, you can go watch the show for as long as you want!

>after scene

Mirage: And y'know, if you go right now, it actually might be the perfect chance to speak with Mr. Yashiro himself! Okay, till next time!

>As you approach the bridge: You sense an ominous presence from beyond this point... The imposter Yashiro may be waiting up ahead. If you are going to challenge it to a fight, Yashiro needs to be in your main cast...

>When Yashiro is in the main cast:

Itsuki: (I sense a dangerous presence beyond the bridge... What should I do?) Recommended Level: 49

>The player is given two options on how to reply:

  • Proceed
  • Do Not Proceed

>If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: (I should prepare for this first...)

>If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: Is this... one of your songs?

Yashiro: ...Yes, it is.

Woman's Voice: Yashiroooo!

Woman's Voice: Omigod! He's so dreamy!

Woman's Voice: Yashiro! Yashiro! Yashiro! Yashiro!

>Figure in front turns around to face player.

Dark Yashiro: Ah, and there you are... my darling self.

Yashiro: ...

Itsuki: He looks and sounds... exactly like you. Is he the one with the Dragonstone shard?

Dark Yashiro: My name, peasants, is Yashiro Tsurugi... and I am an artiste of the highest order...

Yashiro: Filthy imposter. Is that what you believe Yashiro Tsurugi is? I would never say "ta-ta," or... "darling."

Itsuki: Wait... that's what's been bothering you?

Dark Yashiro: You WILL bow before me.

Itsuki: Ngh... what the---

Yashiro: That song seems to exert some dominating influence over the minds of others...

Woman's Voice: Yashiro! Yashiro! Yashiro! Yashiro!

Woman's Voice: Ahhhh! Yashiro's so hot!

Yashiro: Pathetic. Imitating my appearance and voice... I was admitted curious as to what you'd do, but is this your best? You've failed the staff that worked so hard to make this performance happen. For an artist, there is no greater sin. Hmph. Fine then, you pitiful itle fraud... Allow me to show you who Yashiro Tsurugi REALLY is.

>Battle initiates.

Dark Yashiro: I stand before you... the true Yashiro Tsurugi! En garde... for I shall shower you with the power of Yashiro Tsurugi himself!

>Right after you beat the boss:

Dark Yashiro: M-my song... was drowned out...!? Rrrrgh...! Why!? Why are we still so different!?

>After battle:

>Obtained (Key Item) Dragonstone Shard.

Yashiro: I have no time to waste on impersonators.

Itsuki: I knew you could do it, Yashiro.

Yashiro: Hm. You gave quite an impressive showing yourself. We should return to Tiki.

Itsuki: Yeah. I'm sure this'll help restore her memories.

>Party is transported to Bloom Palace.

Tiki: Oh, big brother!

Itsuki: Tiki, we got a Dragonstone shard back!

Tiki: Wow, thank you! Then let's hurry and start the-- A-Aah!

>A spark flies through Tiki.

Yashiro: Tiki, what's wrong!?

Tiki: Ah... Hah... NO!

Itsuki: Tiki!

Tiki: B-Big brother... It's Gharnef... ...H-He's calling to me... I-I'm... scared...

Yashiro: Gharnef...! Where!? Where is he!?

Tiki: It's coming from where the barrier was...

Yashiro: The Cosmic Egg... Aoi, the time has come. We will find him, and we will END him.

Tiki: Be careful, everyone!

Itsuki: We will. Sorry, Tiki, but the ritual will have to wait.

>Itsuki receives a new topic in Main Story

Touma: reporting in, ms maiko. we're heading to the cosmic egg now

Touma: tiki's saying that gharnef is over there! we're gonna go check it out ASAP

>At the Cosmic Egg near barrier:

Itsuki: No... Mr. Hatanaka!?

Hatanaka: Hey, everyone! Great to see you all! Ah, you have NO idea how long I've waited to confront you like this. Sorry for hanging on to the Dragonstone for so long. Don't worry though... I'm all done with it.

Itsuki: Done what?

Hatanaka: The ritual to resurrect the Shadow Dragon, of course! With this much Performa, NOBODY can stop it!

Yashiro: It's yo---Gharnef!

Itsuki: Yashiro, stop! Mr. Hatanaka's just being controlled... We need to save him first.

Hatanaka: Mm, yeah, about that... Sorry, Itsuki. Nobody's controlling anybody. I'm just like you. Gharnef and I are partners, sharing a bond... Isn't that right?

Gharnef's Voice: Heh heh heh... If that's what you call a common interest... well, I suppose we must be.

Yashiro: You bastard!

Gharnef's Voice: You impudent bastard!

Gharnef's Voice: Heh heh... Chikaomi Tsurugi's Performa is truly unparalleled. With this power, all elder magic is mine to command.

Yashiro: That's... my father's...!

Itsuki: Mr. Hatanaka! How could you cooperate with Gharnef!?

Hatanaka: The resurrection of the Shadow Dragon would be... the ultimate entertainment! A production worth risking my life for! Tokyo, tragically ravaged by an evil dragon! But plucky kids and unearthly warriors join to stand against it! It would be the greatest performance... the swan song of this world! That is my vision! THAT is entertainment!

Itsuki: No, it's an abomination! Mr. Hatanaka, you're making a mistake. And we're going to stop you!

Hatanaka: A, a Lord's Master! Yes, say your lines! Play your part! Or it won't be any fun! Ahyahyahyahya!

Itsuki: He's insane...

Yashiro: Unforgivable!

Itsuki: Wait, Yashiro---

Yashiro: Wait...? You want me to wait, Aoi!? You want me to stay my hand when my father's murderer is a slice away!? If after all this, all I can do is stand and watch him escape again... what has it all been for!? Please... Please, tell me... What am I supposed to do!?

Itsuki: Yashiro...

Yashiro: I just wanted to be like my father... to stand on stage with him as an equal. That was all I wanted!

Itsuki: Yashiro... Dammit! What can I do...? Isn't there anything I can do...?

>Everyone starts to glow.

Itsuki: This light...?

Chrom's Voice: Your will to help your friends and comrades... You've awakened the true power of a Lord! You don't have to think about what needs to be done... You just have to do it, one more time! Itsuki! Yashiro is calling for your help... and you must answer him!

Itsuki: Got it! Yashiro... this is my guidance--for you, and your emotions! Haaaaaah!

Hatanaka: Wh... What's this light for!? <to be filled later>

>A light emerges from Itsuki's hand from Yashiro and fills up Hatanaka.

Gharnef's Voice: Khhurrrgh! No... Chiakomi Tsurugi's Performa... If this continues, the barrier will... Ghhaaaahh!

Yashiro: Father...

Gharnef's Voice: Gghh... we've lost that old man's power. Yatsufusa, this is it for your little games. We have much yet to do.

Hatanaka: I suppose. I wasn't expecting such a twist. Ah, you've really messed up my schedule.... Oh, but how thrilling!

>A dragon with a rider shows up.

Hatanaka: My little friend here's just going to buy us some time. But don't lose! Only the Shadow Dragon gets to kill you! Well, I'll see you around! Ahyahyahhahahahaaahaa!

>Battle initiates

Yashiro: ...

>After Itsuki approaches Yashiro and screen goes black.

Yashiro: ...

>The player is given two options on how to reply:

  • You must've loved your father.
  • What was your father like?

>If the player chooses option 2:


>If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: You really loved your father, didn't you...?

Yashiro: ...He was a great man. All I ever wanted... was to be like him. As an actor. As... a person.

>The player is given option 2 to reply:

  • What was your father like?

Itsuki: What kind of person was your father?

Yashiro: Even as a child, I could tell that acting was his one and only passion. But even so... I was happy to have a man like him as my father...

Itsuki: Your father sacrificed his life to protect yours... but we're going to avenge him.

Yashiro: ...

Itsuki: I never met your father, and I don't know a lot about him... but I know he'd want you to live--no matter what.

Yashiro: Yes... Until the very end, he always protected me... ... Even if he is no longer with me, he lives on in my memory. And I can no less afford to disappoint him now. You have my thanks, Aoi. I will... Yashiro Tsurugi will be toyed with no longer. Agreed?

Itsuki: Yeah.

>Screen goes black.

Touma: Hey, Itsuki... you hear that stuff about the Shadow Dragon...?

Itsuki: Mr. Hatanaka said the ressurection is too far along to be stopped.

Tsubasa: B-But, Itsuki, that means...

Kiria: If he was telling the truth, then things look pretty grim.

>The player is given two options on how to reply:

  • We should go see Tiki.
  • We have to kill it...

>If player chooses option 2:


>If player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: We should go back to see Tiki. There isn't much more we can do here.

Kiria: Yeah. If we can't stop the dragon from resurrecting, then we might just have to kill it again. ...Itsuki, we don't have time to waste.

Itsuki: We'll go straight back to the Bloom Palace. We still need to restore Tiki's memories, first. No matter what, we'll stop him... and protect this world. Mr. Hatanaka's wrong. Entertainment is a way to express yourself... not a way to hurt people.

Yashiro: Agreed. And I... will wipe Gharnef from this world.

>The screen goes blank and gameplay resumes.

>Return to Fortuna Office and head to Bloom Palace.

Tiki: Big brother! Is everyone okay?

Itsuki: Yeah. Thanks to you, Tiki, we found out the truth about Gharnef.

>The screen goes blank.

Tiki: So that's it... And we... can't stop the ritual?

Kiria: If what they say is true, the ritual has already gone beyond the point where we could disrupt it somehow.

Itsuki: Isn't there anything we can do?

Tiki: Oh, um... If I can get back some more memories with the Dragonstone shard, maybe I could think of something...

Itsuki: Right. I guess that's all we can really bank on at this point...

Tiki: Mhm. I need a little time first, though.

Itsuki: All right, Tiki. It's up to you.

>Itsuki receives an urgent Topic from Maiko

Maiko: Hello, Itsuki! Let's begin mission number five then!

Maiko: "But Ms. Maiko," I hear you say, "we don't have time for this when the world is in peril!" But Fortuna Entertainment must go on!

Maiko: No matter the situation, a first-rate performer must be ready to stand on stage or in front of the camera.

Maiko: This time it's going to be really important! Why...?

Maiko: Of course, I'll never tell. <3

Maiko: It'll be at Uzume Lesson Studio.

Maiko: I'm sure you have a lot to do, so you can just come by after you've finished all you have to do. Good luck!

To be added...