Berwick Saga Mission Data

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This content was originally provided by Othin.


No. Title Required Diff. Units Forced Units Weather Objective Prerequisites
Ch. 1 A Reason to Fight Yes - 5 Reese, Ward, Leon, Adel, Sherlock - Seize (Reese): building -
1-1 Cruel Brothers No E 7 - - Defeat/Capture Bosses: Griff and Graff Complete "A Reason to Fight"
1-2 Fledgling Knights No E 5*1 Ruby*2, Arthur*2 Fog-of-War Defeat/Capture Boss: Disaad Complete or skip "Cruel Brothers"
Ch. 2 Bandit Suppression Yes - 8 Reese - Seize (Reese): fort
Limit 24 Turns
Conclude Chapter 1
2-1 In Pursuit of Thieves No E 6 Czene*2 - Arrive: throne
Loss: Czene is defeated/captured
Have Reese talk to Czene during "Bandit Suppression," then complete "Bandit Suppression"; Czene must be alive
2-2 Combat Training No E 8 - - Escape: all player units, or
Rout Enemy
Complete or skip "In Pursuit of Thieves"
Ch. 3 The Three Priests Yes - 12 Reese - Seize (Grimm, Sakhalin, or Orbel): temple, then
Seize (Reese): temple
Loss: Grimm, Sakhalin, and Orbel all defeated/captured
Conclude Chapter 2
3-1 Maiden and Mercenary Yes E 6*3 Aegina*2, Sherpa*2 Fog-of-War Talk: Aegina → Rosalie, then
Arrive: fort
Loss: Aegina or Rosalie is defeated/captured before talking?
Complete "The Three Priests"
3-2 Ponies and Thieves No D 5 - - Arrive: fort, or
Escape: all player units
Complete "Maiden and Mercenary"
Ch. 4 Covering the Retreat Yes - 10 Reese - Escape: 7+ allied soldiers (of 12), then
Escape: all player units
Limit 24 Turns
Loss: 6 allied soldiers (of 12) are defeated/captured
Conclude Chapter 3
4-1 Color Chord No D 7 Sherlock Fog-of-War Seize (Sherlock): building
Loss: Sherlock is defeated/captured
Complete "Covering the Retreat"; Sherlock must be alive
4-2 Hero of the Streets No D 8 Thaddy*2 - Seize (Thaddy): house, then:
Escape: all player units or
Rout Enemy
Loss: Thaddy is defeated/captured
Complete "Covering the Retreat"
Ch. 5 Hold the Fort Yes - 12 Reese - Defend (14 turns): fort, or
Defeat/Capture Boss: Lyarc, or
Escape: Lyarc
Loss: Vanmilion is defeated/captured
Conclude Chapter 4
5-1 Lumiere No C 8 Adel - Event: free the 4 women, then
Escape: all player and allied units
Loss: Adel is defeated/captured, or any? of the women is defeated/captured
Complete "Hold the Fort"; Adel must be alive
5-2 Mountain Hunt No B 8 - - Defeat/Capture Units: all deserters, then:
Escape: all player units or
Rout Enemy
Complete "Hold the Fort"
Ch. 6 At the Front Lines Yes - 10 Enid*2 - Talk: Enid → 3+ villagers, then
Escape: 3+ villagers, then
Escape: all player units
Limit 24 Turns
Loss: Enid is defeated/captured or 3 allied units are defeated/captured
Conclude Chapter 5
6-1 The Phantom Corps No C 8 Elbert - Defeat/Capture Units: William
Loss: Elbert is defeated/captured
Complete "At the Front Lines"; Elbert must be alive
6-2 Food Supply No C 9 - - Arrive: fort Complete "At the Front Lines"
Ch. 7 Rescue Mission Yes - 10 Reese Fog-of-War Event: free Vester,
Escape: Vester, then
Escape: all player units
Limit 24 Turns
Loss: Vester is defeated/captured
Conclude Chapter 6
7-1 Ancient Treasure No C 8 - Sandstorm*4 Arrive: temple Complete "Rescue Mission"
7-2 The Visitor No B 11 - Fog-of-War Event: free all 4 POWs, then
Arrive: fort or Escape: all player units
Loss: all of the POWs are defeated/captured
Complete "Rescue Mission"
Ch. 8 The Wooden Cavalry Yes - 12 Reese, Sherpa*5 - Escape: all allied and player units
Limit 24 Turns
Loss: 2+ ballisticians are defeated/captured or do not escape within 24 turns
Conclude Chapter 7
8-1 The Veterans No B 10 Christine - Escape: all villagers
Loss: Christine, Dudley, Gibbs, Chebyshev, or Webber is defeated/captured
Compete "The Wooden Cavalry"; Christine must be alive
8-2 Situation in the Armory No B 7 Marcel - Defeat/Capture Boss: Gomez, then
Arrive: house
Loss: Marcel is defeated/captured
Compete "The Wooden Cavalry"; Marcel must be alive
Ch. 9 Breaking Bridges Yes - 12 Reese - Talk: Reese → Head Engineer
Loss: Head Engineer
Conclude Chapter 8
9-1 The Supply Line No C 10 - - Arrive: fort Complete "Breaking Bridges"
9-2 Devil of Volpoz Valley No A 7 - - Arrive: fort Complete "Breaking Bridges"
Ch. 10 The Holy Knight Yes - 10 Reese - Talk: Vester (NPC) → Alvina
Loss: Vester or Alvina is defeated/captured
Conclude Chapter 9
10-1 Impossible Dream No A 9 - - Escape: all allied units; or
Defeat Boss: Thor, then
Event: acquire Raze Étoile
Complete "The Holy Knight"
10-2 Scorpion's Sting No A 8 Burroughs - Protect (12 turns): Clampf, or
Rout Enemy
Limit 12 Turns
Loss: Clampf is defeated/captured
Complete "The Holy Knight"
Ch. 11 Valley of Bloodshed Yes - 10 Reese - Defend (20 turns): eastern point, then
Retreat: all allied units
Limit 24 Turns
Conclude Chapter 10
11-1 Island of Exile Yes S 9 Reese Fog-of-War Seize (Reese): Fort
Limit 20 Turns
Complete "Valley of Bloodshed"
Ch. 12 The Dark Cardinal Yes - 12 Reese, Alvina - Talk: Alvina → Vester, then
Seize (Vester): fort
Limit 24 Turns
Loss: Vester is defeated/captured
Conclude Chapter 11
12-1 The Heathen God Yes S 11 Reese, Perceval*6, Owen*6 Fog-of-War Event: rescue the 4 women, then
Defeat Boss: Rasputin
Loss: Sapphire is defeated
Complete "The Dark Cardinal"
Ch. 13 Silent City Yes - 12 Reese - Defend (15 turns): all 5 forts Conclude Chapter 12
Ch. 14 The Gathering Yes - 14 Reese - Seize (Reese): castle (in 12 Turns), then
Defeat Boss: Gordova
Loss: Vester or Vanmilion is defeated/captured
Conclude Chapter 13
Ch. 15 Hero of the Sagas Yes - 16 Reese, Ward, Lynette, Faye*7 - Seize (Reese): Throne Conclude Chapter 14
X-1 Hero of the Sea No B 6 Sylvis - Capture: Weiss
Loss: Sylvis or Weiss is defeated
After completing "Hold the Fort," view the city event "Bounty Hunter"; then, after raising Sylvis's Happiness to 12+ and her Level to 10+, view the city event "Her Circumstances."
X-2 Stolen Sword No B 6 Kramer - Rout Enemy Talk to Kramer with Reese in "Bandit Suppression," then raise Kramer's Happiness to 9+ and his Level to 10+.
X-3 A Knight's Pride No C 7 Ruby - Arrive: Building Raise Ruby's Happiness to 11+ and her Level to 10+, and keep Clifford alive.
X-4 The Altar of Raze No B 10 Faye*8, Faramir - Defeat Boss: Arzovy After raising Faye's Happiness to 6+, view the city event "Warrior of Izmil." Then, raise Faye's Happiness to 12+ and her Level to 10+ while keeping Faramir alive. (After completing "The Holy Knight," the 12+ Happiness requirement is no longer needed.)
  • *1 Units deployed in Map 1-2 are not available until the start of Turn 4
  • *2 Not included in initial unit count
  • *3 Units sent into Map 3-1 are not available until Aegina talks with Rosalie
  • *4 Map 7-1 has intermittent fog-of-war changing at the start of every even-numbered turn
  • *5 Only if event "Letter" was viewed before the mission
  • *6 Perceval is only forced if his Happiness is 2 or more; Owen is only forced if his Happiness is 5 or more
  • *7 Faye is only forced if she has been permanently recruited
  • *8 At the start of the battle, an event occurs and Faye is injured

Other Notes

Any player or allied units that remain on the map at the conclusion of an Escape mission will be treated as captured, which may cause a game-over.

In addition to the loss conditions detailed above, the following will also cause a game-over:

  • If Reese or Ward is defeated or captured.
  • On Defend maps, if the point to be defended is seized by an enemy unit.
  • On Protect maps, if the person to be protected is defeated/captured.