Berwick Saga Item Creation

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Upon completion of all blacksmith items, Reese receives a Maintenance Guide.

Product Cost Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4
Ignite Sword 1480 Long Sword Sun Shard Torch Powder Celica Steel
Sensual 1520 Rapier Mithril Sheet Platinum Boar Skin
Grimhild 1060 Broad Sword Balor Eye Wolf Skin Gold Dust
Harperia 1240 Scimitar Celica Steel Pure Silver Red Ruby
Adrastea 940 Bastard Sword Grasse Steel Lion Skin Pantasma Steel
Heavy Lance 900 Lance Meteorite Ash Wood Tiger Skin
Wotan Spear 1100 Light Spear Antelope Skin Ash Wood Mithril Sheet
Brionac 1480 Long Spear Meteorite Mercury Alloy Yugo Wood
Caelum Spear 1600 Mithril Spear Pantasma Steel Lion Skin Yugo Wood
Tabarzin 760 Broad Axe Sinon Steel Antelope Skin Gold Dust
Thor Hammer 960 Light Axe Thunder Shard Bull Skin Tilia Wood
Gullveig 900 Banded Axe Platinum Wolf Skin Grasse Steel
Narkose 960 Dagger Sandstorm Shard Mithril Powder Opal
Demon Bow 900 Composite Bow Yew Wood Ariadne Thread Balor Eye
Angel Bow 1200 Long Bow Yew Wood Ariadne Thread Sapphire Tear
Odin Crossbow 1000 Light Crossbow Wonder Winch Steel Wire Amber
Automatic Bow 1600 Gatling Bow Wonder Winch Steel Wire Pure Silver
Shield of Ajax 1200 Kite Shield Notus Iron Tiger Skin Blood Ruby
Hestia Fire Shield 1600 Tower Shield Torch Powder Sinon Steel Bull Skin
Darkness Shield 440 Aspis Obsidian Boar Skin Notus Iron


Upon completion of all alchemist items, Reese receives a Repair Stone.

Product Cost Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4
Wildfire 1080 Sun Shard Ancient Charm Red Ruby -
Blizzard 900 Sandstorm Shard Ancient Charm Opal -
Brenthunder 900 Thunder Shard Ancient Charm Lapis Lazuli -
Area Heal 1200 Light Stone Dragon Pearl Amber -
Return 600 Light Stone Phoenix Feather Blood Ruby -
Manadir 600 Light Stone Dragon Pearl Lapis Lazuli -
Repair Stone 1600 Obsidian Mithril Powder Mercury Alloy -
Strength Potion 480 Soma Drug Slab Fluid Phoenix Feather -
Mind Potion 800 Soma Drug Medicine Grass Sapphire Tear -
Defense Potion 600 Slab Fluid Medicine Grass Tilia Wood -