Berwick Saga Furniture

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This content was originally provided by Othin.


Furniture cannot be purchased after the end of Chapter 13.

Furniture Cost Effect
Artwork: "Hope" 14500 Grants Reese +3% Avoid
Bird Figurine 17000 Grants Reese +13% Accuracy against an enemy in forest terrain
Big Rug 19000 Grants Reese +10% Continue rate
Artwork: "Revival" 22000 Grants Reese Weapon Care skill (not displayed)
Sword Mount 23000 Grants Reese +?% sword growth rate
Porcelain Vase 25000 Increases female mercenaries' Happiness by 1.0 rather than 0.5 when hired
Deer Mount 26000 Grants Reese +3% Critical avoid
Coat of Arms 27500 Grants Reese +10% Shield accuracy
Luxury Bed 32000 Grants Reese +10% HP growth rate
Treasure Chest 36000 Each chapter, can be opened for 20% chance of treasure, 30% chance of gold, and 50% chance of silver. First time, contains Rune Knife.*
Coffers 30000 Each chapter, can be opened for 5% chance of Potion III, 15% chance of Potion II, and 80% chance of Potion I. First time, contains Speed Potion.
Tapestry 45000 Increases the radius of Reese's Commander skill from 3 to 4 hexes
Maiden Statue - Grants Reese Miracle skill (not displayed)

Berwick Saga Items