Berwick Saga Civilian Requests

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Civilian requests apply specifically to each chapter's compulsory mission. For every two civilian requests completed, with the exception of Estobar's event with Sophie, prices of items in shops are decreased by 1% of the base price.

Time Location Prequisites Reward Request
Chapter 2 Sword and Shield Shop Elbert is alive Killer Blade Defeat Kerusa and obtain Crystal Ring
Mercenary Guild - 3000 Defeat or capture Berrington (reward doubled for capture)
Monastery - Medicine Grass Visit house near starting point, then visit house near boss and fight Mohammed to obtain Medicine Grass Bundle
Chapter 3 Bow and Arrow Shop Axel is alive Sniper Arrows (10) Have Axel search the lake and obtain Ivory Mirror
Mansion - 2200 Obtain Dark Heal
Pub - Antelope Skin Have Ward talk to Rodin to obtain Antelope
Kingfisher Pavilion Chris is alive Estobar becomes available as a mercenary*1 Have Chris talk to Estobar
Chapter 4 Axe and Spear Shop - 7200 Obtain and deliver the Fire/Ice/Thunder Axes from the bandit trio
Sword and Shield Shop - 4200, Round Shields are sold in Chapter 5 Obtain and deliver three Old Imperial R.Shields
Pub - 4000 Search the top of the map and obtain Barca Poem
Chapter 5 Kingfisher Pavilion - Miracle Talisman Have Ward talk to Gaska three times
Pub Chris is alive Blood Ruby Have Chris talk to Arnold and keep him alive
Mercenary Guild - 2200 Capture Mumba
Veria Temple Izerna is alive Range Heal Have Izerna talk to Alec and keep him alive
Chapter 6 Artisan Shop - 2250 Have Enid talk to Gonzales and have him escape
Kingfisher Pavilion - Sapphire Tear Visit shop and obtain Mithril Necklace
Mercenary Guild - 5000 Defeat Sedor and capture Minas
Chapter 7 Bow and Arrow Shop Sherlock is alive Thunder Arrows (20) Have Sherlock visit the house in the northwest and obtain Thunder Arrowheads
Pub - 2000 Visit the house in the far west and obtain Costume
Streets Czene or Sedy is alive Light Stone Search the bottom house in southeast and obtain Knit Hat
Chapter 8 Artisan Shop Daoud is alive Ash Wood Have Daoud examine the tree and obtain Ash Lumber
Kingfisher Pavilion - Steel Wire Have Reese talk to Martha and have her escape
Veria Temple - Cure Potion Have Ward visit the church and have the priest escape
General Store - Apollo Bow Vsit the shop and obtain Mysterious Parcel
Chapter 9 Artisan Shop Adel is alive Soma Drug Have Adel visit the shop near the bridge and obtain Medicine Herb
Military Meeting Room - 4000 Have Reese talk to the Archer in the northeast
Axe and Spear Shop - 3800, Test Spears are sold in Chapter 10 Obtain and deliver three Imperial Spears
Kingfisher Pavilion Estobar is alive Estobar can be permanently recruited*1 Have Estobar talk with Sophie
Chapter 10 Office Chris is alive Maiden Statue Have Chris visit the house in the far east and obtain Mysterious Parcel
Monastery - Crotalos Visit the house in the middle of the town and fight the enemy to obtain Portrait
Streets Leon is alive Blood Ruby Have Leon visit the graveyard and examine the second grave (out of three options offered)
Chapter 11 Pub - Tiger Skin Have Ward talk to Rodin
Castle Town - Dragon Lance Allow Maltz and Alexander to escape
Chapter 12 Artisan Shop - 8000 Have Axel search the lake and obtain Shimmering Pearl
Market - Bags (x3) Talk to the civilian in the southeast village
Chapter 13 Stables - Riga Charger Rescue the horses
Artisan Shop - Yugo Wood Defeat the Ballistician reinforcement
  • *1 Not counted towards Fame rank