Athos (Cipher)

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Athos - Series 7

Athos: Living Legend
Class Archsage (Advanced) Cost 5(4)
Symbol Legendary Weapons None Affinities Male Tome None None None
Attack 60 Support 20 Range 1-2
Quote "An evil star…rises in Bern… But do not fear. Once again, Lycia brings hope."
Skill Prophecy of Hope ACT [ Flip 1 Bond, Destroy this unit] Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Choose 1 Purple card among the revealed cards, add it to your hand, and send the remaining cards to the Retreat Area.
Card Code P07-003PR Illustrator Ippei Soeda
Comment This promo is one of six cards included in ‘Promotional Card Pack Vol.7’ given out for participating in local shop battles and events.