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Like many recent games produced by Nintendo, Fire Emblem Warriors is compatible with amiibo figures. Accessed from the Extras menu, the Presents feature allows you to scan an amiibo figure by tapping it to your controller, console, or 3DS NFC Reader. You will receive weapons and presents by doing so, and up to five amiibo can be scanned per day.

Weapons received will be of the highest rank you have unlocked for that weapon type.

Scanning a total of 100 amiibo will award you a Badge.

amiibo Reward Possibilities
Marth Sword
Corrin Sword
Corrin - Player 2 Sword
Lucina Sword
Celica Sword
Robin Tome
Ike Random weapon
Roy Random weapon
Alm Random weapon
Chrom Chrom's Training Sword
Tiki Tiki's Tear
All Other amiibo Random weapon, material, or gold