Alfonse (Cipher)

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Alfonse: Prince with Golden Wings
Class Lord ({{{class_type}}}) Cost 4
Symbol None None Affinities None None None None None
Attack 70 Support 20 Range 1
Quote “Hear me, heroes of the Outrealms… By our power, you will all be liberated!”
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Card Code {{{card_code}}} Illustrator Kita Senri
Comment Mighty he may not usually be, the prince of Askr shall come to your aid, no matter what faction you may side yourself with! Using your Orbs, he can summon your units right out of your Orbs, and if he's leveled up, he'll even replace it for you. Even when you don't have any, he's no slouch in battle, either. Believe in the power of Heroes, and call out the power within your Orbs!
Alfonse: Prince of Askr
Class Lord ({{{class_type}}}) Cost 1
Symbol None None Affinities None None None None None
Attack 40 Support 20 Range 1
Quote "I am Alfonse. I'm sorry to ask you of this so soon after we've met, but I have need of your help."
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Support Skill AttackSupport.png Unity Emblem Support Until the end of this battle, if the defending unit has an insignia, that unit gains +10 attack.
Card Code {{{card_code}}} Illustrator Yusuke Kozaki