Weapon Attributes (Warriors)

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Weapons acquired during the game can have up to six Attributes attached to them, with Bows always having Wingslayer as a seventh and personal weapons having True Power as an eighth. Attributes can be transferred from one weapon to another so long as the recipient is the same type and has an empty slot available. Some Attributes are hidden behind a KO count, and said count must be reached with the weapon in order to unlock the Attribute.

The Bonus Attributes will diminish the weapon's attacking power normally, but bows and some personal weapons have inherent Bonus attributes that do not negatively impact the weapon's power. The True Power Attribute will also negate all power penalties from Bonus Attributes.

The Bonus, Swap, Break, Slay, Gen, and Spirit-category Attributes are not initially available, but are added to each weapon type's random generation pool once specific weapons with those Attributes are unlocked in History Mode.

Name Effect Required Kills Forging Cost (G) Category
Strong I Increases Strong Attack I damage. N/A 1,500 Attack
Strong II Increases Strong Attack II damage. N/A 1,500 Attack
Strong III Increases Strong Attack III damage. N/A 1,500 Attack
Strong IV Increases Strong Attack IV damage. N/A 1,500 Attack
Strong V Increases Strong Attack V damage. N/A 1,500 Attack
Strong VI Increases Strong Attack VI damage. N/A 1,500 Attack
Rainstorm Increases all Regular Attack damage. N/A 1,500 Attack
Mountslayer Bonus vs. mounted but weaker vs. others. N/A 4,000 Bonus
Wingslayer Bonus vs. flying but weaker vs. others. N/A 4,000 Bonus
Plateslayer Bonus vs. armored but weaker vs. others. N/A 4,000 Bonus
Dracoslayer Bonus vs. dragons but weaker vs. others. N/A 4,000 Bonus
Beastslayer Bonus vs. monsters but weaker vs. others. N/A 4,000 Bonus
Rampager Bonus vs. armored and mounted units. N/A Wing Spear only Bonus
Divining Increases drop chance of good materials. N/A 2,500 Drop
Power Up Weapon drops will have more slots. N/A 2,500 Drop
First Class Weapon drops are of higher quality. N/A 2,500 Drop
Healer Increases drop chance of recovery items. N/A 2,500 Drop
Healing Gift Full HP after every 300 kills. 2,000 3,000 Defeat
Warrior Gift Full Warrior Gauge after every 300 kills. 2,000 3,000 Defeat
Awaken Gift Full Awakening after every 300 kills. 2,000 3,000 Defeat
Triangle+ Increases weapon-triangle advantages. 5,000 10,000 Boost
Pair Up+ Increases damage when paired up. 5,000 10,000 Boost
Critical+ Increases Critical Hit damage. 5,000 10,000 Boost
Warrior+ Increases special attack damage. 5,000 10,000 Boost
Health+ Increases damage when at max HP. 5,000 10,000 Boost
Desperate+ Increases damage when at low HP. 5,000 10,000 Boost
Antitriangle Reverses weapon-triangle effects. N/A 5,000 Swap
Topsy-Turvy Swaps physical and magical attack stats. N/A 5,000 Swap
Statflip Swaps both Atk & Def and Mag & Res. N/A 5,000 Swap
True Power Increases stats of exclusive weapons. 10,000 N/A Awake
Divine Favor A divine blessing that improves a weapon. N/A N/A Awake
Strike Rate+ Increases attack speed. N/A Chrom's Training Sword only Awake
All Stats+ Increases all stats except movement. N/A Tiki's Tear only Awake
Legendary Increases a weapon's basic stats. 6,000 20,000 Awake
Armor Strike Shatters armor with powerful attacks. 3,000 4,000 Break
Fury Builder Increases damage per 100 foes defeated. 2,500 3,500 Fury
Swordbreaker Increases damage versus sword wielders. N/A 2,000 Slay
Lancebreaker Increases damage versus lance wielders. N/A 2,000 Slay
Axebreaker Increases damage versus axe wielders. N/A 2,000 Slay
Bowbreaker Increases damage versus bow wielders. N/A 2,000 Slay
Tomebreaker Increases damage versus tome wielders. N/A 2,000 Slay
Stonebreaker Increases damage versus stone wielders. N/A 2,000 Slay
Clawbreaker Increases damage versus claw wielders. N/A 2,000 Slay
Critical Focus Makes depleting the Stun Gauge easier. 4,000 8,000 Focus
Antiair Focus Increases damage versus launched foes. 4,000 8,000 Focus
Genpeer Bonus vs. same gender; weaker vs. other. N/A 4,500 Gen
Gencross Bonus vs. other gender; weaker vs. same. N/A 4,500 Gen
Bolster Strengthens Attack and Boost attributes. N/A 12,000 Spirit
Acceleration Increases attack speed. N/A 12,000 Spirit
Amped Increases all stats except Mov. N/A 12,000 Spirit