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  • Lissa: You look nice today, Cordelia! But then you always look beautiful.
  • Cordelia: Oh, uh…thank you?
  • Lissa: You even make crushing an enemy look ladylike! I don’t know how you do it…
  • Cordelia: You want something, don’t you?
  • Lissa: Haha! Not at all. I just think you’re amazing. And I hope one day I’ll be as beautiful a lady as you.
  • Cordelia: You keep using that word—beautiful. I’m not sure the description really fits me…
  • Lissa: Of course it does! Honestly, I think it falls short. Even my brother thinks so! He’s always going on and on about you. How you’re a hard worker, talented, on and on. He really likes you.
  • Cordelia: Huh? H-he likes me?
  • Lissa: Maybe he used the word “admire”? One of the two.
  • Cordelia: Ah, so he respects me… Yes, that makes more sense. In any case, I’m honored to receive Chrom’s praise. Thank you.
  • Lissa: No problem!
  • Cordelia: You know, Lissa… Your own hard work hasn’t escaped my notice.
  • Lissa: Yeah. I guess I try hard at stuff.
  • Cordelia: It’s just one of your many wonderful qualities.
  • Lissa: Really?! Like what else?
  • Cordelia: Ha ha! Like just now. You’re so excitable, and sweet, and innocent.
  • Lissa: But that’s all little kid stuff! I wanna be a mature lady, like you! You know…smart, kind…generous.
  • Cordelia: Well, you’re those things too. I think you’re just as strong as me.
  • Lissa: Really?
  • Cordelia: Of course. Every day you remind me more and more of Exalt Emmeryn. Your strength, your kindness… I’m reminded of her every time I look at you.
  • Lissa: I dunno. We’re so…different.
  • Cordelia: Maybe, but you’re still sisters! You have more similarities than differences.
  • Lissa: You know what? You’re right! But even apart from that, you’re still my number-one role model!
  • Cordelia: Then I will try to be a lady worthy of your admiration.
  • Lissa: Hehe! I can’t wait till I’m a beautiful lady like you. Then we’ll be best friends!
  • Cordelia: Oh, Lissa. We already are!