Vestaria Saga 1 Calculations

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This content was originally provided by Aggro Incarnate.


Combat Statistics


  • Some combat parameters are calculated with either the Strength stat or the Magic stat, depending on whether equipment being used is a physical or a magical weapon
  • Final values cannot be negative (i.e. floored at 0).
  • Decimal values are truncated (i.e. rounded down to the nearest integer) unless stated otherwise.
Value Formula
Attack Power (ATK) [Physical] (Strength + Weapon Might + Attack Bonuses) × Effectiveness Multiplier
Attack Power (ATK) [Magical] (Magic + Weapon Might + Attack Bonuses) × Effectiveness Multiplier
Damage (DMG) [Physical] [Unit's Attack Power (Physical) - Enemy's Defense] × Critical Multiplier
Damage (DMG) [Magical] [Unit's Attack Power (Magical) - Enemy's Resistance] × Critical Multiplier
Speed (SPD) [Physical] Agility - Max[Weapon Weight - roundUp(Strength / 2), 0]
Speed (SPD) [Magical] Agility - Max[Weapon Weight - roundUp(Magic / 2), 0]
Double Attack Condition Unit's Speed - Enemy's Speed ≥ 3
Accuracy (ACC) Dexterity × 3 + Weapon Accuracy
Evasion (EVA) Speed × 2 + Terrain Bonus
Battle Accuracy Unit's Accuracy - Enemy's Evasion
Critical Rate (CRIT) Weapon Critical Rate
Critical Evade (CEVA) Luck
Battle Critical Rate Unit's Critical Rate - Enemy's Critical Evade

Effectiveness Multiplier: 1.5 if weapon is effective against the enemy, 1 otherwise

Critical Multiplier: 2 for critical hit activation, 1 otherwise

Magic Triangle

Divine Magic > Dark Magic > Spirit Magic

Magic Triangle bonuses are added to the final combat values, but before the effectiveness/critical multipliers.

Divine Magic vs. Dark Magic

- Divine Magic Wielder: ATK +3, ACC +20, CRIT +5	
- Dark Magic Wielder: ACC -20	

Dark Magic vs. Spirit Magic

- Dark Magic Wielder: ACC +10, CRIT +5	
- Spirit Magic Wielder: ACC -10, CRIT -5

Experience Gain Calculations

Value Formula
Damage EXP gain 3 + Enemy's Level - Unit Level
Kill EXP gain Enemy Class Base EXP + Level Difference Modifier
Level Difference Modifier 4 × (Enemy Level - Unit Level) if Unit Level < Enemy Level
-2 × (Unit Level - Enemy Level) if Unit Level > Enemy Level

Note: EXP gain is floored at 0 and capped at 100.

Base EXP Class
15 Brigand Archer, Pirate, Grasstrooper, Mountaineer
20 Hunter, Ruffian
25 Archer, Bone Soldier, Soldier, Barbarian
30 Axe Knight, Thief, Knight, Mercenary, Lance Knight
35 Guardian, Javelin Knight, Basher
40 Axefighter, Shaman, Swordfighter, Berserker, Distance Archer
50 Sorcerer, Bow Knight
55 Deadshot
60 Assassin, Gargoyle, Golem, Necromancer, Grand Guard
70 Axemaster, Swordmaster
80 Raum
100 Sentinel, Mumiya Queen, Dark Master, Rock, Door A/B

Note: In Clemency Mode, base EXP for all classes is added by 20