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Starting from Chapter 1, you can visit the Wall of Fame at the Fortuna Office, which hosts a history of your efforts.


Movies seen throughout the game are able to be replayed here at any time, provided that they are first viewed during their respective events.

The video recordings listed are purely for leisure, and there is no other benefit to rewatching them all.

Your unlocked videos will always be carried over into a new playthrough started from game clear data (hereafter referred to as "New Game+"). If you wish to start over, choose the "Debut" option from the title screen and begin a new playthrough from there.


  • On Wii U, the option to watch videos only becomes available after completing the game and only appears in New Game+. In Encore, the feature is immediately available from your first playthrough.
  • During playback, any video can be paused by pressing the + or X buttons, and can be ended early by selecting "Yes" to skip it (even if it's your first time viewing it).
  • Some events which may play out like movies, such as Horror Hunter Angel, the Microwavin' with Mamorin episodes, and the ending credits, cannot be rewatched from the Wall of Fame.

Preview Video No. Title Details
Tms-video-01.jpg #01 Mass Disappearance Plays when the main story begins.
Tms-video-02.jpg #02 Opening Plays when the main story begins.
Tms-video-03.jpg #03 A Lord's Awakening Plays during the prologue.
Tms-video-04.jpg #04 Carnage Form Plays during the prologue.
Tms-video-05.jpg #05 Reincarnation Plays during Chapter 1.
Tms-video-06.jpg #06 A Pegasus Knight's Pursuit Plays during Chapter 1.
Tms-video-07.jpg #07 Feel Plays during Chapter 1.
Tms-video-08.jpg #08 Black Rain Plays during Chapter 2.
Tms-video-09.jpg #09 Raindrop Memories Plays during Chapter 3.
Tms-video-10.jpg #10 "Sneeze Detective" TV Ad Plays during Chapter 4.
Tms-video-11.jpg #11 Fire Emblem Plays during Chapter 6.
Tms-video-12.jpg #12 Amrita Shower TV Ad Plays during Tsubasa's second side story.
Tms-video-13.jpg #13 Fly: You're My Wind Plays during Tsubasa's third side story.
Tms-video-14.jpg #14 A New Hero: Ouga Plays during Touma's third side story.
Tms-video-15.jpg #15 The Labyrinth Plays during Kiria's second side story.
Tms-video-16.jpg #16 Give Me! Plays during Kiria's third side story.
Tms-video-17.jpg #17 Arrow of Destiny Plays during Ellie's third side story.
Tms-video-18.jpg #18 Out of Season UFO Plays during Yashiro's second side story.
Tms-video-19.jpg #19 Schraube: The Final Battle Plays during Yashiro's third side story.
Tms-video-20.jpg #20 Dream Catcher Plays during Barry's second side story.
Tms-video-21.jpg #21 The Tunnel Home Plays during Barry's third side story.
Tms-video-22.jpg #22 This World Isn't an Illusion Plays during Tiki's third side story.
Tms-video-23.jpg #23¹ She Is... Plays during the third EX story chapter.

¹This movie only appears in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore (Switch).