Teachable Combat Arts/Spells (Three Hopes)

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Units can teach Combat Arts/Spells to each other, but only when very specific circumstances are met:

  • The teacher and student must have at least a C-rank Support with each other.
  • Both teacher and student must have A-rank proficiency with the associated weapon (for spells, they need A-rank in Tome).
  • The teacher must have levelled the Combat Art/Spell to Level 3.
  • The Combat Art/Spell must be teachable.
    • Each Combat Art/Spell can only be taught by certain characters; if a character can teach the Combat Art/Spell, it will gain a speech bubble icon once it reaches Level 3.
    • Certain character-exclusive Combat Arts and all Combat Arts granted by Heroes' Relics cannot be taught.
  • The Combat Art/Spell must not already be in the student's natural learnset.
  • The student must be assigned to the teacher as their adjutant.

If the conditions are met, the teacher must use the desired Combat Art/Spell in battle; there is a random chance that the student will learn the Combat Art/Spell themself.

The success rate depends on the support level.

Support Rank Approx. Success Rate
A 8%
B 3%
C 0.4%

Teacher Art/Spell
Shez Windsweep Mortal Struggle Dark Spikes Τ
Edelgard Shredder Focused Strike Armored Strike
Hubert Mire Β Death Γ Dark Spikes Τ
Ferdinand Glowing Ember Shatter Slash
Linhardt Physic Restore Excalibur
Caspar Invigorating Spirit
Bernadetta Drill Arrow Hide Presence Flame Volley Waning Shot Deadeye
Dorothea Thoron Sagittae Meteor Agnea's Arrow
Petra Shadowblade Electric Grounder
Monica Bolganone Swarm Ζ Meteor Hades Ω
Jeritza Glowing Ember Death Γ
Dimitri Frozen Lance Thunder Rush
Dedue Lightning Axe Wild Abandon Armored Strike
Felix Firesweep Finesse Blade
Ashe Drill Arrow Thunderbolt Tornado Shot Waning Shot Deadeye
Sylvain Glowing Ember Shatter Slash
Mercedes Physic Bolganone Ragnarok Fortify
Annette Cutting Gale Sagittae Excalibur
Ingrid Stormblade Lance Jab
Rodrigue Frozen Lance Shatter Slash
Claude Break Shot Thunderbolt Hide Presence Ward Arrow
Lorenz Frozen Lance Vengeance
Raphael Draining Blow Mystic Blow Lightning Fist Fierce Iron Fist Flamewhorl Kick Mighty Blow
Ignatz Break Shot Thunderbolt Tornado Shot Ward Arrow Precision Volley
Lysithea Swarm Ζ Luna Λ Dark Spikes Τ Hades Ω
Marianne Physic Silence Aura
Hilda Spike
Leonie Glowing Ember Shatter Slash
Holst Windsweep Finesse Blade
Yuri Lightblade Electric Grounder
Balthus Draining Blow Steady Mind Frozen Fist Fierce Iron Fist Flamewhorl Kick Mighty Blow
Constance Sagittae Fimbulvetr Bolting
Hapi Swarm Ζ Banshee Θ Death Γ Hades Ω
Seteth Invigorating Spirit Diamond Axe
Flayn Restore Fortify
Manuela Ward Silence
Catherine Firesweep Finesse Blade
Shamir Break Shot Flame Volley Tornado Shot Ward Arrow Deadeye
Byleth Firesweep Mortal Struggle Aura
Jeralt Thunder Rush Shatter Slash
Rhea Firesweep Finesse Blade
Sothis Ragnarok Fimbulvetr Bolting Abraxas Agnea's Arrow
Arval Luna Λ Hades Ω (M) Banshee Θ Death Γ Dark Spikes Τ (F)