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<tab inline name="Accessories">

Name Armor Effect
Favorite Wristwatch 10
Game Hairpin 10
Silver Chain 18
Razor Checker 23
Flower Earrings 30
Rabbit Mascot 38
Dark Group 50
Cheap Bangle? 15 Str+2, Def+1
Wristwatch 18 Str+3, Def+2
Shell Earring 18 Mag+2, Res+4
Power Bangle 22 Str+1
Mage Ring 22 Mag+1
Tear Drop 23 HP+20
詠続のブレスレス 25 EP+30, Str-2, Mag-2
Color Pencil 26 Skl+10
Silver Cuffs 26 HP+45, EP+20
Silver Earrings 26 Mag+3, Res+5
Skull Ring 28 EP+20, Skl+5, Spd+3
Muscle Bangle 28 Str+2
Wizard Ring 28 Mag+2
Metal Brooch 29 Def+1, Res+1
Glass Cat's Eye 30 Str+2, Mag+2
Explosion Ear Plug 30 Spd+12, Def-3, Res-3
Champion's Wrist 36 Str+4
Ghostly Ring 36 Mag+4
Rosary of Protection 37 Def+2, Res+2
Wind Anklet 36 Skl+8, Spd+6
ラシュネスピアサー Rashness Piercer(?) 38 Str+10, Skl-10
Asura Bangle 45 Str+6
Agathion Ring 45 Mag+6
Titanium Ingot 46 Def+3, Res+3
Turbo Anklet 45 Skl+10, Spd+7
Rainbow Amulet 45 Str+1, Mag+1, Skl+1, Spd+1, Def+1, Res+1 (Equippable: Itsuki)
Feather Earrings 45 Mag+3, Spd+7 (Equippable: Tsubasa)
Energy Belt 45 Str+3, +11 (Equippable: Touma)
Spellbound Choker 45 Mag+3, Res+3S (Equippable: Kiria)
Hunter's Earrings 45 Str+2, Skl+13 (Equippable: Eleonora)
Mr. Bear Charm 46 Def+6 (Equippable: Mamori)
三千院薬品の特製数珠 48 EP+50
Grudge Candle 48 Def-5, Res+10
Quartet Promise 49 HP+80
Firece God Crest? 50 Str+20, Mag-3, Skl-4, Spd-4, Def-4, Res-4. ???
Archangel Crest? 50 Str-4, Mag-4, Skl-4, Spd+25, Def-4, Res-4. ???
Devil Crest? 50 Str-4, Mag+20, Skl-4, Spd-4, Def-4, Res-4. ???
Tajikarao Bangle 54 Str+8
Radiant Bangle 54 Mag+9
Immobility Talisman 55 Def+4, Res+4
Idaten Anklet 54 Skl+15, Spd+9
Omnipotence Amulet 54 Str+2, Mag+2, Skl+2, Spd+2, Def+2, Res+2 (Equippable: Itsuki)
Winged Earrings 54 Mag+4, Spd+8
Villainy Belt 54 Str+4, Skl+15 (Equippable: Touma)
Hawkeye 54 St+3, Skl+17 (Equippable: Eleonora)
Mr. Turtle Charm 55 Def+8
Martial Gloves (Equippable: Mamori) 54 Str+4, Spd+9 (Equippable: Yashiro)
萌ほぐしゲルマニウム ?? Germanium 56 Spd+14
Bluff Dealer? 57 Skl+30, Def-5, Res-5
Engagement Charm 57 HP-150, EP+100
Vagrant's Cuffs? 57 HP+200, Spd-20. Enemy symbol's appearance increases?
Iron Guard 64 Str+10
Ring of the Soultaker 64 Mag+10
Aegis Sigil 65 Def+5, Res+5
The Trickster 64 Skl+20, Spd+12
Amulet of Awakening 64 Str+3, Mag+3, Skl+3, Spd+3, Def+3, Res+3 (Equippable: Itsuki)
Pegasus Earrings 64 Mag+5, Spd+12 (Equippable: Tsubasa)
Belt of Heroes 64 Str+5, Skl+20 (Equippable: Touma
Ouroboros Choker 64 Mag+5, Res+5 (Equippable: Kiria)
Artemis Earrings 64 Str+4, Skl+22 (Equippable: Eleonora)
Mr. Elephant Charm 65 Def+10 (Equippable: Mamori)
Gauntlet 64 Str+5, Spd+12 (Equippable: Yashiro)
Silver ミオソティス 65 HP+100, EP+50, Luck+1
Jet Black Maneki-neko 65 EP-300, Str+20, Mag+20. Wild and lean enemy symbol increases. (?)
Mother Goddess Crest 68 Str-4, Mag-4, Skl-4, Spd-4, Def+20, Res-4. ???
Lucifer Crest 68 Str-4, Mag-4, Skl+20, Spd-4, Def-4, Res-4. ???
Goddess Crest 68 Str-4, Mag-4, Skl-4, Spd-4, Def-4, Res+20. ???
Divine Spirit Crest 70 Str+10, Mag+10, Skl+10, Spd+10, Def+10, Res+10, Luck-4. ???