Side Stories: Maiko Shimazaki

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Side Story title Objectives Area found How to unlock Rewards Notes
Booze and the Boss Help Tiki make a hangover medicine for Ms. Maiko because the previous one ran out from last time. Fortuna Office 1 playable character Side Story cleared - Chapter 2 Intermission "Drinking Connections" skill, "Tipsy President" title Script/Walkthrough

After talking to Ms. Maiko and then Tiki and Tharja in Bloom Palace, go to Daitama Observatory's Idolasphere for the items. First item is in the next area after the lift and jumping off. Second area is on the second right turn after the big room. The third item is located at the next upper level after continuing forward from second item at the upper level, to the left before the red dome building. Return to Bloom Palace to finish the Side Story.

Lost Memories Maiko wants help reorganizing a box of old possessions. Fortuna Office Chapter 4 Intermission "Organizational Skills" skill, "Team Mom" title Script/Walkthrough

Talk to Maiko in Fortuna Office and then check out the box beside Maiko to continue the Side Story.

Godmother You need to deliver documents to Nobu in Daiba Studio for Kiria's next photo shoot. Fortuna Office Chapter 5 Intermission "My First Wallet", "Goddess Fortuna" title Script/Walkthrough

After talking to Maiko and receiving the urgent Topic from Kiria, head to Cafe Seiren in Shibuya Central City and talk to Kiria outside it. After the scene, go to Daiba Studio to Horinozawa. Then go to Shibuya 106 Idolasphere to B2F for the item in an isolated room. Return to Bloom Palace for Tiki to make the item. After event, go to Daiba Studio and talk to Horinozawa. After receiving the item, go back to Fortuna Office to Maiko.