Seteth (Cipher)

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Seteth - Series 19

Seteth: Aide to the Church's Archbishop
Class Wyvern Rider (Advanced) Cost 4(3)
Symbol Crest of the Goddess None Affinities Male Axe Flier Dragon None
Attack 70 Support 30 Range 1
Quote "Due to my position, I have closely scrutinized everything about you. After all that has happened, I must admit that you are indeed... a trusted ally."
Skill 1 Battalion Desperation AUTO [ Flip 1 Bond ] When you deploy this unit, you may pay the cost and if you do: Choose as many allies and enemies as you wish, and move them.
Skill 2 Defender of the Church of Seiros AUTO At the start of your turn, you may return this unit to your hand. If you do, choose up to 1 non-"Seteth" card from your hand, and deploy it.
Card Code B19-044SR Illustrator Daisuke Izuka