Requests: Chapter 4: The Audition

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Request title Requested by Objective Area found How to unlock Rewards Notes
A Torn Pocket Upset Girl Find her three lost stamp cards Shibuya No criteria Pharmacy Beads Script/Walkthrough
Monstrous Roar Mr. Dougen Give anti-diarrhea medicine to the Dougen Daitama No criteria Promised Quartet Script/Walkthrough
Grapple the Groupies Mirage (Sister) Deliver a Hirudinean Force, a Knight Force R., and a Shaman Force R. Illusory Daiba TV Station Request "Ditch the Deadbeats" must be completed first Treasure Key Script/Walkthrough
Attention Misdirection Taneaki Tezuma Find Tezuma's license card Harajuku No criteria Clap Track x3 Script/Walkthrough
A Chic Menu Itta Arima Find out what kind of foods youngsters find trendy Harajuku Request "A Chic Job Hunt" must be completed first Melmark x4 Script/Walkthrough

After completing the request, Dona Dona, Crepe Dia, and Café Seiren will have new menu items: Mustard-Natto-Yogurt Burger, Burnt Miso-Squid Crepe, and Red-Wine Wasabi Cake, respectively.

Lucky Spot 4 Kanae Urabe Report about your future Hee Ho Mart Request "Lucky Spot 3" must be completed first Kiddie Candy Script/Walkthrough
Scarlet Armor Delivery Masked Salesclerk Deliver 5 Scarlet Armours Illusory Daiba TV Station No criteria Melmark x3

Attack Mirror


Can be repeated