New Game Plus (Three Hopes)

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Renown Purchases

After clearing the final chapter of any route, new features are added to the Spend Renown option at your private quarters. You do not need to begin a new game to access these features.

  • Three bonus units can be purchased for 60 Renown each. These bonus units are listed separately from your main roster, in a section headed Others.
    • Sothis and Rhea may be purchased by clearing the game at all. Arval may only be purchased if the game was cleared with Byleth successfully recruited.
  • A number of special weapons and accessories can be purchased for varying amounts of Renown.
  • Crest Accessories can be purchased; the ones available depend on which routes have been cleared. These allow a unit to gain the effects of a Crest when equipped, though the effects will activate less frequently than a natural Crest would. They may also safely use Heroes' Relics and (if the Crest matches) gain the Crest-specific bonus effects or Combat Arts related to Heroes' Relics and Sacred Weapons.

New Game Plus

Like in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, this game features a New Game Plus mode that allows you to carry data over from a completed file to a new one. When choosing New Game from the main menu, you will be asked if you'd like to start a new game using data from a previously cleared file. The following features carry over to the new one.

  • Each character's level can be retained or reset on a character-to-character basis.
  • All characters' Support levels can be retained or reset together. If time-sensitive Support Conversations were missed on the previous playthrough, they will instantly become available for viewing at the appropriate time.
  • All other character details, such as Class levels, Abilities, learned Combat Arts and Magic (with their ranks), improvements from the Tactics Instructor, etc. are carried over automatically.
  • Although the player's main roster is reset with the story, all units from previous playthroughs remain accessible as bonus units within the Others category. If they are recruited properly during the story, they will move from the Others category to My Roster category.
  • All items, weapons, and resources are retained, with the exception of the Merc Whistle, which should be used before starting a new game; the bonus accessories obtained from trading the Merc Whistle are kept, however.
  • All Base Camp facilities will retain their upgrades and features.
  • Access to the expanded Spend Renown options is kept.

As you can see, the only things that are truly lost are the story progress, War Map, and character roster, and even the latter remain accessible as bonus units.

Note that Shez will not gain their previous levels until Chapter 1, while the rest of the carry-over data will not become accessible until Chapter 2.

Before starting the new file, the player will have the option to select a new difficulty level, and choose Casual or Classic mode. They may also choose new names and genders for Shez and Byleth when prompted during the story.

Characters in the "Others" Category

The bonus units purchased with Renown and characters retained from previous playthroughs are listed separately from your current roster, under "Others". These units have some restrictions on what you may use them for.

  • They cannot be used during the first playthrough of story missions, Paralogues, or side-missions from the War Map. They may only be used when replaying battles from the Records Keeper.
  • They will not appear in the Base Camp; as such, they cannot be spoken to, given gifts, or taken on Expeditions. They also cannot participate in Cooking or Volunteering, nor can they participate in the Train option at the Training Instructor (other options, such as Level Up and Acquire Class remain accessible to them).
  • They can gain Support points with other units, but cannot view the associated Support Conversations until they rejoin during the story (if at all).