History Mode Guide - Timed Onslaught 8

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Stage Details

Map Difficulty Mission Type Restrictions Deploy Limit
Kingswood Lv. 28 Timed Onslaught None None
Deploy Slots Allied Commander Enemy Commander
2 Controlled N/A N/A
Minor Enemy Captains
Myrmidon, Soldier Archer, Oboro, Lucina

S-Rank Requirements

Clear Time Enemies Defeated Damage Taken
N/A 2000 80%


You have 7 minutes on the clock and 2000 KOs to get a S Rank, which is very doable. To begin with, two Myrmidons will advance from the west side to your position. KO at least one of them to proceed to the next stage.

A plethora of reinforcements will appear soon after, consisting of Soldiers and Archers. You will be asked to defeat one of the Archers, in the central field, to lower enemy morale. Around the same time, Lucina and Oboro will spawn towards the sides.

Depending on your strength, it may be easier to tackle them separately. Send a capable unit, preferably a lance user, to the west to meet Lucina. Meanwhile an axe user ideally should confront Oboro towards the east. Defeating one will do.

Moving on, additional enemies and reinforcements will appear throughout on the map. However, none of them should pose a threat, since they're all Level 1 as standard. Around the 1 minute mark, the enemy will start gathering, which is your cue to rack up any last KOs.

If for some reason you're struggling to get 2000 KOs, try to separate your two units. Have one fight in the south-western field and the other in the central field. Then routinely switch between them when the enemy numbers start dwindling.