History Mode Guide - Fort Defense 11

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Stage Details

Map Difficulty Mission Type Restrictions Deploy Limit
Great Plain Lv. 31 Fort Defense None None
Deploy Slots Allied Commander Enemy Commander
4 Controlled General Iago
Targeted Allied Forts
Allied Base, E River Fort, W Bridge Post
Enemy Ruffians
Manakete, Outrealm Fiend, Dark Mage
Minor Enemy Captains
Corrin, Fafnir, Manaketes, Outrealm Fiends, Dark Mages

S-Rank Requirements

Clear Time Enemies Defeated Damage Taken
15:00 2000 80%


From the west, you will be assailed by Outrealm Fiends and Corrin; a unit with a Beastslayer can defend that portion of the map, and if they're partnered up with a lance user or better yet a Dracoslayer, they can also take Corrin out. On the east end, you must contend with Manaketes and Dark Mages, so a strong physical attacker with a Dracoslayer weapon such as Chrom is recommended. The enemy can't reach the Allied Base without going through the two other bases, so dividing your units into only two teams and holding those two forts is acceptable.

The first Ruffian you'll face is a Manakete attacking the E River Fort. They're a slowly-plodding sort, so you may want to send your east defender up to the S Sandbar Fort and meet them there; that way you can also take that base and get a foothold into Iago's territory. Up next, the Outrealm Fiend will attack W Bridge Post, so your west defender should be on guard and ready to exterminate them. The Dark Mage will also advance on your Allied Base, but he has to go through the E River Fort (or the S Sandbar Fort, if you took it) to reach that, so your east defender can easily pick him off well before he reaches the base.

Once all Ruffians are dead, three large clumps of enemies will advance on the Allied Base, so note which ones are advancing and defend against them. Again, they all go through the S Sandbar Fort and E River Fort, so you should be able to bottleneck them efficiently. Your Allied Commander will also decide that now's a good time to do something, and advance on Iago. Needless to say, Iago's magic will shred through your plodding General of a commander pretty quickly, so you'll want to move quickly or at the very least keep someone nearby to heal him and distract Iago while you keep the advancing enemy at bay. Worse yet, a Dark Mage will appear east of the S Sandbar Fort and create an Iago clone to seek out the Allied Commander. Quickly defeat the clone, or at least distract it while your commander passes, and then get to work on slaying Iago.