Hints and Secrets (Warriors)

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Small secrets, tips, and hidden details that don't belong on other pages.

Owain and Frederick's Secret Messages

Once you unlock the option to view Owain or Frederick's Voice Gallery in the Warrior Gallery (unlocked by building up many support ranks with the respective character), there is a secret voiced line at the bottom of each of their lists that doesn't normally play-in game.

Anna the Thief

Anna can open treasure chests in Story Mode without the need for a key. By the time you unlock Anna you will likely have cleared Story Mode, but it's an interesting detail!

Triangle Attack

Caeda's Awakening Mode finisher normally has her summon two phantoms of herself with which to perform the famous Triangle Attack. However, if you've increased Caeda, Cordelia, and Hinoka's support ranks with each other all the way to A+ and deploy all three in the same battle, Caeda will now call upon Hinoka and Cordelia to perform the attack with her. Besides the additional voiced lines, performing this true Triangle Attack will also grant you a Badge.

Twin Weapons

The divine weapons Enliron and Faccina can both be equipped by either Rowan or Lianna. The Boost Crests necessary to unleash Enliron's true power are on Rowan's Crest page, while Faccina's are on Lianna's. Despite this, the divine weapons still retain their boosted power even when wielded by the "wrong" sibling. For example, even if Rowan has made little progress toward unleashing Enliron's power, he could still equip Lianna's unleashed Faccina should the need arise. This can be helpful if you've only upgraded one weapon and not the other, but need to use a specific twin in a battle.