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C Support

Hana: Hey, Subaki! I was curious... Do you still go around telling people that you're perfect?

Subaki: What's that supposed to mean? And even if I do, it's not like it's a lie.

Hana: Do you really think you're 100 percent without any faults at all?

Subaki: Hana, if you're trying to say something, just say it instead of dancing around it.

Hana: OK, then. If you're perfect, why is it that you fell off your mount when we first met? You did it right in front of me and Lady Sakura—it was actually pretty hilarious. I didn't know it was possible to fly that far from a stationary horse.

Subaki: *sigh...* Why is it that you always bring this up? Can't you just let it rest...

Hana: Never! I'll remember that for the rest of my life. Unless... you go out there and tell everyone in the army about it.

Subaki: What is this about? Why are you attacking me out of the blue?

Hana: Because, Subaki...every day I hear the same things from people... "Oh, you get to work with that handsome Subaki. You're so lucky." "He's just so perfect and has no faults at all—and you get to be near him." "I bet it's hard to shine with that perfection so close." They say this right to my face!

Subaki: I didn't realize people were actually talking that way... I'm so happy to hear that they're praising me!

Hana: Ugh! It's not about that at all. Think about how I feel. I don't speak up, and it feels like I'm lying to everyone! Someone who falls off a mount that isn't even moving isn't perfect!

Subaki: Hmph...

Hana: Are you mad? Don't you have anything to say to prove me wrong? I'm sure Sakura holds the same opinion as I do. She's just too polite to say it.

Subaki: Hana, you always ignore the honorific. You must refer to our liege as "Lady" Sakura.

Hana: ...Really? Your best comeback is to change the subject? Are you admitting that everything I said about you is true, then?

Subaki: No, Hana, I'm not. And I don't think someone who is rude to a fellow retainer is worthy of Lady Sakura!

Hana: Oooh, that's it! We have to battle to see which of us is more worthy!

Subaki: Sounds good to me! Someone as perfect as myself can't possibly lose!

Hana: Grrr! I'll show you!

B Support

Hana: There you are, Subaki. Are you ready for the first challenge? We agreed to start with swordsmanship, didn't we?

Subaki: That's correct. And then we'll move on to horseback riding.

Hana: Right. Each of us gets our specialties, and we'll continue until one of us slips up. Are you ready?

Subaki: I'm always ready!

Hana: Then it's down to business... En garde! Hraaaagh!! (weapon clang)

Subaki: Grrr... It's no use—you're too good! Your skill with the sword is, dare I say, better than my own!

Hana: Of course it is! Everyone thinking you're perfect is great, but it doesn't make it so! If nothing else, I won't lose to you in a swordplay contest! Hyah! Hragh! Heeyaaa!!

Subaki: You've got me on my heels. I can only barely block your attacks... Or...can I?

Hana: What do you mea—

Subaki: An opening!!

Hana: Owwww!! How did that happen? You actually landed a winning blow on me? I can't believe it...

Subaki: Hah. You are definitely faster and more agile than I when it comes to the sword. You're clearly one with your blade.

Hana: Then...how is this possible?

Subaki: Simple—I've been studying you during your training for months. I observed your habits and developed tactics to counter them!

Hana: Are you kidding me?!

Subaki: I suspected a day would come where we'd face off, so I planned ahead. Whenever you alternate left, right, left, right, you follow with a downward slash. Once I knew the timing, I devised the perfect counterattack!

Hana: That's cheating!!

Subaki: Not in the least—this was a victory of brains over brawn, plain and simple. What more proof do you need that I am in fact perfect and not just boasting? You should always strategize before a battle. Going in blind is reckless.

Hana: Hmph... I hate to admit it, but you're right. You deserve this win.

Subaki: Hahaha! The first battle is mine!

A Support

Subaki: All right, today it's all about horseback riding!

Hana: Yup, it is...

Subaki: What's the matter, Hana? You don't look too motivated. Don't tell me you want to surrender without even taking the field.

Hana: ...No, that's not the case.

Subaki: I mean, I would definitely understand if you did. When it comes to horseback riding, I am the superior contender here.

Hana: ...

Subaki: Are you ready to begin, then? That tree at the top of the hill is the goal. Whoever gets there first is the winner.

Hana: Got it.

Subaki: All right... Ready... Set... Go!!

Hana: Hah!

Subaki: Hrah!!

Hana: Haha! I win! Looks like we're back to square one!

Subaki: Ugh... How could you... How could you beat me?

Hana: My secret is not having fallen off my horse when we first met!

Subaki: *sigh...* No matter what I did, my horse couldn't seem to catch up to yours... Did you have some elaborate plan put together in order to beat me?

Hana: I didn't have any strategy. You know that I'm the last person to plan ahead in most situations.

Subaki: But I got the sense today that you were calmer than usual. There was this strange composure you had... Was that your secret?

Hana: I guess I just wasn't concerned about whether I would win or lose. In the end, we were battling over who was the best of Lady Sakura's retainers. We thought that would be best proven in tests of skill, right?

Subaki: Yes, I guess so.

Hana: But when it comes to serving Lady Sakura... It's more important that we are both able to protect her, not who can do it better. This realization took a lot of the frustration I was feeling right out of me.

Subaki: So that's why you were acting so calm... Horses can sense the demeanor of the rider...and they react to that. I was so wound up and focused on winning, my anxious energy was bothering my horse. But your horse may have felt the calm rolling off you and thus synergized better. You deserve this win...

Hana: So...it's a draw, then? Should we keep competing like this?

Subaki: No. We have no reason to keep competing. Just like you said, the most important thing for us is to protect Lady Sakura. It's great that we push ourselves to be better, but we don't need a "winner."

Hana: I agree. I'm sorry, Subaki. We got into this fight because I was so rude. I shouldn't have injured your pride.

Subaki: No, I earned some of the blame as well.

Hana: Heehee. You're a kind person, Subaki. I might yet forget you fell off your horse the first time we met.

Subaki: Somehow I doubt you'll ever forget that...

Hana: Well, I won't tell anyone, at least. Let's be good friends from now on and keep defending Lady Sakura.

Subaki: OK, Hana!

S Support

Hana: Hey, Subaki, how're you feeling?

Subaki: H-hey there, Hana.

Hana: Uh... Are you OK? I thought you'd be happy to see me after we finally figured everything out. Did you change your mind? Do we need to start actively competing again?

Subaki: I realized, after our talk, that the whole reason we even started competing was... because you brought up the story of me falling off the horse.

Hana: Yeah... Sorry again about that.

Subaki: I'm not bringing it up to make you feel bad. It's just that that story reminds me of how upset I was for embarrassing myself... in front of you.

Hana: Wait, me? Don't you mean Lady Sakura?

Subaki: No, it was you I was worried about. I really thought about whether or not to tell you this... But...I really like you. As a teammate of course, but also as something more. If you know what I mean.

Hana: Subaki...

Subaki: I'm sorry, I just had to tell you this. I doubt you see me as anything more than a teammate...

Hana: ...That's not true.

Subaki: Huh...?

Hana: I also... I really like you too!

Subaki: What?! I never knew. So, we both have feelings for each other?

Hana: That's right... Heehee.

Subaki: Phew, I'm glad I confessed my feelings, then.

Hana: It means a lot. I mean, what you said, but also that you openly shared your feelings. I appreciate it.

Subaki: I bet we can work together to defend Lady Sakura even better now!

Hana: Right on! Oh yeah—I guess we should let Lady Sakura know too. I'm sure she'll be happy.

Subaki: Sounds good!