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C Support

Silas: Hmp! Ngh! Hrraaaah! Hmm?

Oboro: ...

Silas: Hi there, Oboro. Come to do some training?

Oboro: ...Sure.

Silas: I've heard the Hoshidan style of swordplay is unrivaled! I'd love to learn more of it. How about some friendly sparring to test our skills?

Oboro: ...Pass.

Silas: Whoa! That face really says it all. You really don't want to spar with me, huh?

Oboro: It's nothing personal. I hate all Nohrians equally. Just thinking of them gets my blood boiling... But maybe I'll relax a little if you turn out not to be so bad.

Silas: All right. I guess I can't fault you, what with the bad blood between our nations. But let's put that anger to use! We could still do some sparring.

Oboro: Not a good idea. As angry as I am, I'd probably kill you.

Silas: ...

Oboro: I'm gonna go do something else now. Bye.

(Oboro leaves)

Silas: That's strange... Well, I'm sure she has her reasons.

B Support

Silas: Oboro? I wanted to apologize for last time.

Oboro: Oh yeah?

Silas: I got curious after you left, so I did some digging. It's easy to see why you hate Nohrians so much... Nohrian bandits killed your parents, didn't they?

Oboro: ... Yeah. Right in front of me.

Silas: I'm sorry for touching a sore spot last time, then. I didn't know.

Oboro: That's OK. I'm not mad about it. I've fought alongside you long enough by now to know you're all right. I mean, look at me—I'm not making that face right now, am I?

Silas: Sure enough. Oboro...having lived in Nohr all my life, let me just say one thing on its behalf. Nohr has its share of heartless villains like the bandits who killed your parents. But there are good people living there too. Many Nohrians are decent folk, just like the people of Hoshido.

Oboro: I'm...sure they are.

Silas: I grant that it may be hard to accept on its own. I just wanted you to know.

Oboro: Yeah...fair enough. I'll try to remember. Thanks, Silas.

A Support

Oboro: Hey, Silas.

Silas: What's on your mind, Oboro?

Oboro: I wanted to ask you something. You know those bandits we cleared out a while ago? I noticed they were Nohrian, and they were preying on Hoshidan families.

Silas: What about it?

Oboro: Why did you save the Hoshidans? Were you trying to prove your loyalty, now that you're not with Nohr anymore?

Silas: No. I'd have done the same if it were Hoshidan bandits attacking Nohrian peasants.

Oboro: So, what's the deal?

Silas: It's a knight's duty to protect the innocent. Now, some might say protecting innocents from an enemy nation is going too far... But in my book, that's the mark of a true knight.

Oboro: Hmm... You know, you told me before that there are good people in Nohr. And you know what? You were right. You're living proof of it.

Silas: I'm glad I could help change your mind.

Oboro: I'll try harder not to make snap judgments about people like that. It's better to get to know people for who they are, not where they're from.

Silas: Wisely said, Oboro.

S Support

Silas: Thanks for coming, Oboro. Sorry for such short notice.

Oboro: If anyone should be apologizing here, it's me. I had you all wrong, Silas. I never imagined Nohr could have people as good as you in it.

Silas: It's water under the bridge. But I hope your belief in my goodness will make it easier to answer my question...

Oboro: What question?

Silas: Will you take this ring?

Oboro: Is this a...?

Silas: Yes, it's an engagement ring. Can you find it in your heart to truly love a Nohrian, as I love you?

Oboro: Silas...

Silas: I know the scars in your heart won't heal easily. But I want to be there to help. What do you think? Could you have any feelings for a man of Nohr?

Oboro: Ask me a hard one. I would love to accept this ring.

Silas: Really?

Oboro: But what about you? Are you sure you want to spend your life with me?

Silas: What kind of question is that? Of course!

Oboro: You wouldn't be embarrassed to have a wife who makes such awful faces? Like this...

Silas: Haha! Is that all that's worrying you? Love is strange. I used to find that face terrifying, but now I think it's beautiful.

Oboro: Haha...that's a good thing. Because you'll be seeing me make it a LOT.

Silas: I wouldn't have it any other way. Here's to many years of happiness.

Oboro: I look forward to seeing just how good a Nohrian can be!