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C Support

Selkie: La la la ♪ Oh, chicken, how yummy you'll be!

Shiro: *sniff* What is that amazing smell...

Selkie: Hey, Shiro!

Shiro: Selkie, what are you eating? Is it chicken?

Selkie: Uh-huh! I caught it myself out in the the forest. So I decided to make a nice big fire and grill it up!

Shiro: Hmm, that explains the amazing smell. It's making my stomach growl...

Selkie: Are you hungry? There's plenty here if you want some.

Shiro: Really? You don't mind?

Selkie: Nope! The only thing better than grilled chicken is sharing it with friends. Wow, this piece is done perfectly.

Shiro: Thanks, Selkie. It's just missing one important thing...

Selkie: Hmm? What do you mean?

Shiro: Grilled chicken is obviously best with barbecue sauce. I was just looking for some.

Selkie: WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Are you serious? You eat your chicken with barbecue sauce?!

Shiro: Hey! Don't shout in my ear like that!

Selkie: Yuck, how could you eat it that way? All you really need is a simple pinch of salt!

Shiro: You're nuts! If I had barbecue sauce, I could eat a million bowls of rice. It tastes so good.

Selkie: I'm telling you, salt is the key! It brings out the natural flavor of the meat.

Shiro: Grrrrrr! I'll never agree with you!

Selkie: I don't understand you at all.

Shiro: Fine. If you won't admit to being wrong, there's only one way to settle this. We're going to have a taste test.

Selkie: What do you mean?

Shiro: I'll bring my sauce, and you can bring salt. Then we can try both and see which is actually better.

Selkie: You're on! But I know you're going to end up liking the salt way better!

Shiro: Yeah right. You better get ready to eat some crow!

Selkie: Same goes for you!

B Support

Shiro: Selkie, I brought a big bottle of barbecue sauce. Are you ready to start cooking?

Selkie: Of course. It's time for the big taste test. Obviously I'm going to emerge victorious.

Shiro: Haha, we'll just see about that. So we'll cover half of the chicken in my yummy barbecue sauce. And we'll pinch salt over the other half.

Selkie: *munch munch munch*

Shiro: *chomp chomp*

Selkie: Oh my gods!

Shiro: W-wow! This is—

Selkie: The barbecue sauce has that great salty flavor, but it's also really sweet! I just wanna lick it all off.

Shiro: Heh. What did you expect? It's the finest blend in the entire country. A chef friend of mine gave it to me. It's his secret recipe!

Selkie: I never imagined this might actually be really good with the chicken...

Shiro: The salted one has a great flavor too. It's very simple, but in a good way. And I think it does allow you to enjoy the natural flavor of the chicken more.

Selkie: Ha! SEE? What did I tell you? I'm the big winner. Move over, barbecue boy!

Shiro: You're out of your mind! We're talking about totally different topics. I never said yours was better. I just said that it was different!

Selkie: No way! I just heard you say that my seasoning was yummy. Why did you lie?!

Shiro: NO! You clearly don't get it. All I meant was that yours was good! I didn't say it was the best. There's no question that my tangy barbecue sauce is superior. Why have people thought up so many ways to make chicken, anyways? It's a little overwhelming.

Selkie: Huh? What are you talking about?

Shiro: I talked to my father about our competition. He was adamant that lemon pepper always tasted the best with chicken.

Selkie: Lemon pepper, huh?

Shiro: Yes. He was so sure that he forced me to take a bottle before I left...

Selkie: You have it here? I wanna taste it!

Shiro: Hmm, I guess that's OK. Here, try it out.

Selkie: Thanks, Shiro! *nom nom nom*

Shiro: I'm glad I tried a new recipe. But still, you just can't beat barbecue sau—


Shiro: Huh? You don't have to yell...

Selkie: I'm talking about the lemon pepper! It's so yummy! Here, you have to try it!

Shiro: Mmph?! *gulp* Hey! You can't just shove food in my mouth like that!

Selkie: Sorry! I was just really excited for you to try it. Wasn't it good, though?

Shiro: You're right. This does taste pretty great. It's got a unique flavor that sets it apart from the sauce and the salt. Yeah, I think I could get used to eating this all the time. Maybe that means—

Selkie: That lemon pepper is the best of all!

Shiro: What?! Why did you have to say that?

A Support

Shiro: I learned something important, Selkie. You shouldn't judge any type of food until you've actually tried it.

Selkie: No kidding. We were both pretty surprised by how delicious the lemon pepper was.

Shiro: It was really good! I'll never forget trying that for the first time.

Selkie: Is your daddy some kind of genius chef or what? I never would have known that there was an even yummier way to enjoy chicken! Trying out all these new flavors lately has been so much fun! I should do this all the time.

Shiro: Haha, I'm glad you're having a good time.

Selkie: It's all because of you. We should sit down and have another meal again soon! Doesn't that sound like a blast?

Shiro: That's a great idea. What would you like to try out next?

Selkie: Hmm... Wait, I know! Let's make eggs!

Shiro: Huh? Eggs?

Selkie: That's right! I learned how to fry them recently, and it's a lot of fun!

Shiro: OK, sure. Why not? I'll be sure to bring my special bottle of hot sauce.

Selkie: What are you talking about? Hot sauce?

Shiro: Eggs always go best with hot sauce. Don't you agree?

Selkie: What? Are you out of your mind? Eggs always taste best with a bit of salt!

Shiro: No way! I'm telling you, hot sauce is key!

Selkie: Not everything has to be doused in one of your stupid sauces, Shiro!

Shiro: You're insane! Salt is boring! That won't make your breakfast taste better. It's clear what we have to do. Another taste test. We can try both soon!

Selkie: You're on! Let's do it!

S Support

Shiro: Selkie, wait up! Have you eaten yet? If not, I was thinking that we could grab a bite together...

Selkie: That sounds like fun, Shiro!

Shiro: Ever since our last taste test, you and I have been spending a lot of time together.

Selkie: Yep! For some reason, I always enjoy my food more when I'm with you. Sharing all these meals together almost makes me feel like we're dating. Isn't that funny?

Shiro: Heh... Yeah, it's hilarious.

Selkie: Is something wrong, Shiro? You look upset all of a sudden.

Shiro: N-nothing. I was just thinking the same thing. That's all...

Selkie: What? So why are you upset, then?

Shiro: The truth is that I want to be with you. And not just for meals.

Selkie: You mean—

Shiro: I mean that I want you to be by my side all the time. Selkie, will you be my wife?

Selkie: WH-WHAAAAT?! You must be pulling my leg. Right, Shiro?

Shiro: Why are you acting so surprised? Does this really come as a shock to you? I wouldn't trade the time we've spent together for anything in the world. Maybe I shouldn't have told you. But I felt like I had to get it off my chest.

Selkie: So what you're really saying is that you love me. Is that it?

Shiro: Don't say that so loud! Someone might overhear you!

Selkie: Teehee! Relax, Shiro. The truth is that I love you too!

Shiro: Really? You mean it?!

Selkie: Of course! Being with you always makes me really happy! I especially love arguing with you all the time. It's too much fun! You're the only person I want to be with. I promise. Of course I'll marry you!

Shiro: Phew, thank the gods. That's a relief.

Selkie: Hehehe! Are you happy now?

Shiro: Of course! I couldn't be happier. Would you like to celebrate by having a bite with me?

Selkie: You bet! I'm really hungry.