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C Support

Shigure: You are the ocean's gray waves... ♪

Rhajat: Well, you're sounding cheerless today. Keep going on like that, and I might even start to warm up to you.

Shigure: Oh, Rhajat. Yes, I suppose I am feeling rather sad.

Rhajat: Well, I'm sure it's nothing a few cursed amulets can't fix. Just give me four teeth and a thumb, and I'll have a cure for you in a jiffy.

Shigure: Oh, n-no, thank you. I don't think I need any amulets. I just want to sing awhile to soothe the spirits of my caretakers.

Rhajat: Their spirits? So they are not among the living?

Shigure: Yes. I lost them in the Deeprealms. They... they died protecting me.

Rhajat: I see. That is unfortunate. My condolences. But...I am surprised you care for them so much. Were they important to you?

Shigure: Of course! Were you not close to yours?

Rhajat: No, I was not. They did not come near me except to give me food. My studies in the dark arts scared them off for the most part.

Shigure: That sounds terrible.

Rhajat: It was nice. And they are not to blame. I scared them intentionally. It allowed me to pursue my studies to my heart's content without distraction.

Shigure: But weren't you lonely?

Rhajat: Of course not. I am not so foolish as to overvalue human companionship. I had everything I needed. Speaking of which, I grow weary of this conversing. So if you'll excuse me...

(Rhajat leaves)

Shigure: Rhajat...

B Support

Rhajat: Shigure? What's that you're painting?

Shigure: It's a painting of my home and caretakers in the Deeprealms.

Rhajat: You really loved them, didn't you?

Shigure: How could I not? I knew them my entire life... They would always play with me, or listen to me when I was sad... In a way, they were more parents to me than my real mother and father.

Rhajat: I see.

Shigure: Er, forgive me. I know you were not close to your own caretakers. It must be painful for you to hear me speak so fondly of mine. I was being thoughtless.

Rhajat: It's all right. I don't mind. I've spent so much of my life alone, I'm used to it. If anything, all this companionship is what is strange.

Shigure: You must have felt so lonely sometimes, though.

Rhajat: Lonely? No. I liked it like that. I'm not anything like you. Please don't assume I am.

Shigure: F-forgive me. I just meant... Never mind. I enjoy my alone time, too. I just can't imagine having so much of it for so long. Are you sure you were all right with it? You know you can tell me. It's OK.

Rhajat: I have no use for your pity. I told you, I chose this. And besides, it's in the past. Things are very different now.

Shigure: What do you mean?

Rhajat: Never mind. I must be leaving. Farewell.

(Rhajat leaves)

Shigure: Hm...

A Support

Shigure: Rhajat. I wish to speak with you.

Rhajat: Hm? Fine. Make it quick. I am busy.

Shigure: Very well. It is about your childhood. You said that you preferred to be alone. But I believe you are hiding something.

Rhajat: Oh joy. Yet more of your speculations about my childhood. Get on with it then.

Shigure: I spoke with your father. He told me the real reason you were isolated, growing up. You said it was your own preference. That much is true. But you failed to mention that you did this to prevent others from being cursed. You were too young to completely control the magic you were dealing with... So you shut yourself off from the others to protect them.

Rhajat: Are you done? Good. You're wrong. I never gave a thought to any of that.

Shigure: Heh. I don't think you're telling the truth.

Rhajat: You think too well of me. I simply didn't enjoy the company of others.

Shigure: But you are around others all the time now. Are you truly so miserable?

Rhajat: ... I suppose it is...tolerable. And serving in this army is the best way for me to get closer to a...certain someone. But I will admit, I am beginning to understand the meaning of camaraderie.

Shigure: Heh. So you would consider us your comrades, then?

Rhajat: Of course. We fight together. Isn't that all it means?

Shigure: Haha. Yes, I suppose so. Technically.

Rhajat: Why are you smiling like that? It's irritating.

Shigure: Oh, no reason.

Rhajat: Hmph! Fine. Be that way.

Shigure: Haha. It looks like our road tomorrow is a difficult one. But it brings me great comfort knowing we will be marching together.

Rhajat: Ugh. Idiot.

(Shigure leaves)

Rhajat: ...Me too.

S Support

Rhajat: Shigure, can you spare a moment?

Shigure: What is it?

Rhajat: Lately I've been having chest pains and feeling depressed. I may have been cursed.

Shigure: That's terrible! Do you have any idea how this could have happened?

Rhajat: No. But it appears only to occur when I am near you.

Shigure: What?

Rhajat: Whenever I see you, a great weight comes over me and a haze enters my mind.

Shigure: Rhajat...

Rhajat: This must be the work of an enemy sorcerer. But why only when I am near you? Perhaps they have planted a totem on you. Has anyone been in your things?

Shigure: Rhajat... I don't think you're cursed. I think...you might be in love with me.

Rhajat: What?

Shigure: It's the only explanation that fits your symptoms. Or...perhaps I only hope it is. Because, you see...I believe I am in love with you, Rhajat.

Rhajat: I-I see. Perhaps you are right. Perhaps... this is what love feels like.

Shigure: Yes...I believe it is. Will you be with me, Rhajat?

Rhajat: Yes, Shigure. I will.