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C Support

Percy: Hey, Nina! I've been looking for you all over. What's wrong? You seem upset.

Nina: Percy? Gah! You surprised me. Uh... nothing's wrong. Nothing at all.

Percy: Are you sure about that? You don't look so good. Are you getting sick?

Nina: No...it's fine. What do you want? Make it quick!

Percy: Gee, sorry! I just... Is this yours?

Nina: Yes! My notebook! Where did you get this? YOU DIDN'T READ IT, DID YOU?

Percy: No, of course not! Anyway, you dropped it this morning. I've been trying to find you since then...

Nina: Oh. Uh, thanks.

Percy: There, that's the Nina I know. You're welcome! Cheers!

(Percy leaves)

Nina: Whew. Thank gods that's over. Wait, what am I saying? He was so nice, and I was totally rude. I've got to find him and apologize...no matter how awkward it gets.

B Support

Nina: Percy? Do you have a moment to chat? It's super important.

Percy: Nina? What's wrong?

Nina: I don't really know how to say this, but... remember how you found my notebook?

Percy: Yes...

Nina: Um, so that notebook is really important to me. REALLY important.

Percy: Oh no. I know where this is going. Was it ripped or something? I'm so sorry! I tried to be really careful with it!

Nina: No, that's not—

Percy: Oh, man. I can't believe this happened. I try to help, and I just screw things up. How can I make it up to you? Please! I'll do anything.

Nina: No, Percy, really...it's fine! I'm just trying to say—

Percy: I'm so sorry!

Nina: Argh! I've had enough! Don't apologize when you've done nothing wrong!

Percy: I...I'm sorry for being sorry.

Nina: Oh, why did it turn out like this? I'm such an idiot!

Percy: Nina?

Nina: Look, Percy. I'm trying to THANK you properly for finding my notebook. I'm just terribly awkward when I try to have a normal conversation. I meant to thank you the very first time, but instead I was cranky and weird.

Percy: Huh?

Nina: What part of "thank you" did you not understand? THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Thank you for picking up my notebook!

Percy: Uh...you're welcome?

Nina: Great. I'm glad we could clear this up. See you later, Percy.

Percy: OK. See you later, Nina.

(Percy leaves)

Nina: Well, that went perfectly. *sigh*

A Support

Nina: Percy. Can we chat for a second?

Percy: Oh, not this again. What's wrong?

Nina: Here. Take this.

Percy: Candy?! Well, that's not what I was expecting! What's going on?

Nina: Uh...

Percy: Nina?

Nina: Mmm, hmm, mmm...

Percy: Why won't you say anything?

Nina: I'm trying not to mess this up, OK? I don't want you to be scared of me.

Percy: Yeah, but it's scarier when you make that face and hum!

Nina: Ugh, really? I don't know what to do! I'm trying not to make things worse. I thought a small gift might help. But this is just as difficult as having a normal conversation.

Percy: Hey, don't worry about it! Message received. And thanks for the candy!

Nina: What?

Percy: It's that simple, Nina. You gave me a gift to show your gratitude. I accepted it with a smile. It was really thoughtful of you. This has been your first lesson in human interaction!

Nina: Oh. So what do we do now?

Percy: Well, we could just eat this candy together. And talk about some other stuff.

Nina: I...I think I'd like that. Do you insist?

Percy: Uh, no. That's not how this works. But I would enjoy your company.

Nina: OK...I'll try my best.

S Support

Percy: Hey, Nina!

Nina: Percy? Now's, uh, not a great time...

Percy: Why? Whatcha doing? Checking out those guys over there?

Nina: What?! Of course not! I was just daydreaming.

Percy: Well, then that means you're free. Want to go for a walk with me?

Nina: Sure, I suppose we could do that.

Percy: All right! It's my lucky day.

Nina: The idea of taking a walk with me actually makes you that happy?

Percy: Of course. Taking a walk with a cute girl? Who wouldn't be happy?

Nina: Damn! You can just say that sort of thing right to my face? You aren't even self-conscious about it!

Percy: Well, gee. Should I be?

Nina: Er, no, no, of course not. And thank you, I suppose. But before you get too carried away, you should know about my weird hobby...

Percy: What weird hobby?

Nina: Well, here goes. I like to follow people and watch them from the shadows.

Percy: Hah! That is kinda weird! But...I have some weird hobbies of my own, you know. Like...I sometimes whistle! And, and...when I have to sit still for a long period of time, I start to fidget.

Nina: Percy, those are two of the most common things I've ever heard. And one of them isn't even a hobby!

Percy: Well, whatever. The point is that it's OK to be a little bit weird. How boring would it be if everyone were the exact same? Anyway, it's pretty cute that you were worried about your hobby offending me.

Nina: Stop teasing! You're making me blush!

Percy: Aw, I'm not teasing. I really like you, Nina!

Nina: What? Do you even know what you're saying? It's not nice to joke about that. And anyway...you're too young for me.

Percy: What?! I'm not joking! And I'm definitely not too young. I'm just small boned, OK? So will you be my girlfriend?

Nina: Percy...are you really being serious right now? Because if you're just joking around, I don't know if I could forgive you. So here's your chance to back out. I won't be offended. Do you really like me?

Percy: Yep! Believe it, Nina!

Nina: I...I can't believe it. I think I actually like you too.

Percy: Ha! I knew it. I'm so glad you're not just writing me off as a silly kid. Because I'm a full-grown man, gosh darn it!

Nina: You know what, Percy? I think you're right.