Fates Supports/Ophelia Kana(F)(PC)

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C Support

Kana(F): Mama! Hey, Mama!

Ophelia: Hark! What trouble beckons from the deep?

Kana(F): Look! I picked some pretty flowers for you! They're yellow like the sun!

Ophelia: Oh! Thank you for this bounty, little one. Do I sense some kind of magic at work? It must be, for I find them...enchanting. What a rare gift—magic flowers!

Kana(F): Do you really like them?

Ophelia: I do! What's come over you, though? You've been bringing me so many flowers lately.

Kana(F): I just remembered that when I was real little, we'd go looking at flowers together. You always smiled so much. And I love your smile, Mama! So I decided to start bringing you lots and lots of flowers to help you smile!

Ophelia: Aww, my little chosen one, your lambent face could lighten even the inkiest night. I have to ask for a favor, though...

Kana(F): Anything, Mama. What do you need?

Ophelia: Remember how I told you that flowers breathe also the mystical breath of life? Well, when you pick one, this breath is smothered. And we don't want to plunge the pretty flowers into infinite darkness, now do we?

Kana(F): Oh no! I've been hurting them?! It was an accident! I'm sorry, flowers!

Ophelia: No, Kana! Stay thy daisy-dimmed tide of sorrow! The flowers suffer no longer. I just need you to promise not to pick any more flowers, OK?

Kana(F): OK! B-but...if I do that, then how can I show you all the neat flowers I find?

Ophelia: Hm... Next time you find a floral gem such as this, come to me. I will go with you, and we can bask in its brilliance together! Would you like that?

Kana(F): Really? You won't be too busy?

Ophelia: Perish the thought!

Kana(F): OK, then it's a deal! We'll go look at all the nice flowers together! That's a promise, Mama!

B Support

Kana(F): La la lalala-la-la ♪ And now it's Mama time!

Ophelia: Well, you certainly look happy today, Kana!

Kana(F): Heehee! Yup! It's 'cause I just found some of the best flowers for us to look at! You're going to love them. I'm sure of it! Look! There they are, Mama. Right over there.

Ophelia: Oh, my! These wild glories must contain some dark power. They draw me in against my will... No, Ophelia! No! Stay thy hand! Do not pick them! Even though they're... so...beautiful... Ooooh.

Kana(F): I know—and I love this color! It's so pretty, and the petals are so soft... They reminded me of you, Mama.

Ophelia: Aww, shucks... I mean, um, your kindness brings song to my blighted heart, Kana.

Kana(F): Don't be embarrassed, Mama! I might love flowers, but I love you even more!

Ophelia: And I love YOU even more than that! Your smiling face is prettier than a thousand blossoms!

Kana(F): Wow! Really? Yay!

Ophelia: Oh, this reminds me: I have something special to show you.

Kana(F): Oooh, is it something good? Can I see it right now? What is it?

Ophelia: Teehee! Now, now, sweetie, you must calm the beast of anticipation. I don't have it right now, but it's—

Kana(F): Ah! Wait! Don't tell me! I don't to ruin the surprise!

Ophelia: OK, OK. I'll just keep it stashed away in my magic vault until we can look at it together!

A Support

Kana(F): Mama, I'm here! Where is that thing you wanted to show me?

Ophelia: Behold!

Kana(F): Oh wow! This is such a big book! And look at all these flowers! Where did you get them?

Ophelia: These are all the flowers you've been bringing me! I pressed them between the pages and dried them to shield them from evil spirits!

Kana(F): This is amazing! Like, really, really amazing! I hadn't realized how many flowers I'd brought you. Look! There are the yellow daisies I gave you the other day! Thank you for taking such good care of the flowers I gave you.

Ophelia: And thank you for all the flowers and love you've given me! With this book I'll be able to bask in their splendors for a long time to come.

Kana(F): You're welcome!

Ophelia: You know, we didn't pluck those flowers we saw together the other day... But we did pluck something of a much higher value. We plucked memories! Sweet brain jewels to be treasured for all time. And I only hope we find many more just like them.

Kana(F): Me too! I wish we could be together forever, Mama. I love you so much!

Ophelia: And I you! I vow to shield you from evil until the end of time. Now, come, we must away! Our quest for new flowers has only just begun!