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C Support

Ophelia: HYAAAAAAAAAAAH! Attack, my supreme secret weapon. Missiletainn...of PURGATORY!! WHOOOOOOOSH! BAAAAANG! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Phew! How ghastly. You're simply getting what you deserved. An attack on thine own vile spirit! Take comfort. You'll have ample time to bemoan your inflated ambition in a frosty tomb. For I am Crimson Ophelia... And I will end this valiant fight!

Odin: O-Ophelia?

Ophelia: F-Father?! Whatever are you doing here?!

Odin: What are YOU doing here, young lady? Explain yourself at once!

Ophelia: E-explain...?

Odin: You heard me!

Ophelia: Um, well I was just...practicing. You see, there's an evil lord who controls the world, so I battled him into a corner. And at the last fateful moment, I used his dark power against him to triumph!

Odin: Oh.

Ophelia: Wh-why are you making that strange face? Am I being childish?

Odin: No, Ophelia, it's not that. It's just...

Ophelia: Just...what?

Odin: Never you mind.

(Odin leaves)

Ophelia: Father! So the silent treatment is supposed to make me understand what I did wrong? What a passive way to criticize me. The chosen ones are always so harsh...

B Support

Ophelia: Hello, Father. Listen. I wanted to talk about yesterday...

Odin: HYAAAAAAAAAAAH! Attack my ultimate supreme weapon... Missiletainn...of PURGATORY!! WHOOOOOOOSH! BAAAAANG! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Heh. That's off-putting. You're simply getting what you deserved. An attack by thine own vile spirit! You'll have ample time to bemoan your inflated ambition in a frosty tomb. For I am Odin Dark...and I will end this valiant fight!

Ophelia: *sigh* Umm, F-Father...

Odin: What?! O-O-Ophelia?! Wh-what in the world are you doing here?!

Ophelia: I'd like to ask you the same question. Because that's my...

Odin: Well, the truth is that I, um... I thought I'd improve upon that signature battle cry of yours.

Ophelia: What do you mean by improve?

Odin: Well, to tell the truth, I wasn't trying to improve it, exactly. Your phrase is so devilishly cool. I simply couldn't resist giving it a go myself.

Ophelia: Huh?

Odin: I'm sorry. There is no excuse. I'm frightfully embarrassed. In fact, I think I'd like to go crawl in a hole and hide for a spell.

Ophelia: Oh, Father. It's fine! You really don't need to be embarrassed. Which part did you like best?

Odin: Honestly, your sound effects. So original! They truly add panache to the magic. And that riveting scene in which you hoist the evil lord by his own petard. But you really saved the best for last. "And I will end this valiant fight!" What a rip-roaring finale!! You have a true flair for the dramatic. It moved me, I must admit.

Ophelia: Stop, I'm blushing! To be so complimented by you, Father... YOU'RE the one who's remarkable!

Odin: Huh? R-really?

Ophelia: Oh, Father, ever since I was a child, I've imitated your every move. All I've ever wanted in life was to be a chosen one, like you. But in time, I realized that copying you would never make my dream come true. So I've been revising those imitations to better suit my own budding style. You've always been my role model, Father. You're the amazing one.

Odin: Ahahaha. I never though you would sing my praises, Ophelia.

Ophelia: I have an idea. We're both here... Why not try and improve the scene together? Maybe we could drive the evil lord into a corner and win the day, together!

Odin: What a wonderful idea! Give me a bit of time to mull it over. There are too many things I wish to say. First we have to script the chosen father and daughter's lines of course. Then—

Ophelia: Wait, what? Chosen father AND daughter? A-are you telling me that I'm a chosen warrior, like you? What should I do? I'm so ecstatic that I want to cry! No, no, get ahold of yourself. I mustn't misinterpret his words. I'm nowhere near Father's level.

Odin: All right, Ophelia! I'm ready!

Ophelia: O-OK, great! Let's get started!

A Support

Ophelia: Father.

Odin: Ophelia! The script we came up with is spectacular. Honestly, I'm getting all goosefleshy. This sacred speech is worthy of a chosen father and daughter.

Ophelia: About that. I wanted to ask you something. Are you and I truly chosen ones?

Odin: In our scene we truly are!

Ophelia: I'm not talking about this make-believe stuff! I mean in real life. Listen, there's something important I need to ask you. It's about this mark on my arm.

Odin: Is that...the Brand?! Ophelia, when did you...?!

Ophelia: It just suddenly appeared when I joined the army. So it's called a Brand?

Odin: Oh! Uh, n-no! No, no, no, that's just a generic term! You know, like "branded." But it IS proof of the blood shared between a child and her parent. In fact, it's called the Royal Bloodmark of the Exalt!

Ophelia: Father! I'm being serious. Now's not the time for your made-up names!

Odin: You're right. I apologize.

Ophelia: So...you said this mark is proof of the blood shared by a child and her parent? Does that mean you have this mark too?

Odin: Yes, I do.

Ophelia: REALLY?! Can I see it?

Odin: Er. I misspoke. I don't have it any longer. Or, more precisely, it was made invisible. I had to hide it when I came to this land.

Ophelia: This land? You mean, like, this country? That makes no sense. Why does it need to be hidden? Please, tell me the truth! Does it confer some unique ability on us? Is this the mark of the chosen ones?!

Odin: No, unfortunately. It doesn't give you any special powers. It's simply irrefutable evidence of your lineage.

Ophelia: Lineage?

Odin: Yes. And frankly, that lineage means very little in this world. I'm sorry if I got your hopes up, but it's the truth. Though I admit that I've wished it granted me special abilities on countless occasions.

Ophelia: So what you're saying is that I'm not a chosen one at all... This is just a normal old birthmark.

Odin: Ophelia, listen. You may not have special powers, but you are unique. Heroic blood flows through your veins. It is the blood of the Exalt, who raised his sword against the world-eating fell dragon. It is the blood of a woman whose courage led her to cross the bounds of time itself. And it is the blood that flowed out of two heroes who died to protect me.

Ophelia: Exalt? Fell dragon? Father, I don't understand. Why do you look like you're going to cry?

Odin: I'm sorry...it doesn't matter whether you understand or not right now. But eventually, a day will dawn when you can be proud to bear that mark. I knew a princess once who desired that mark, you know. But it never appeared. I believe she would be very happy to know that it has appeared on you, though. Someday I will tell you the whole story, Ophelia. But not today.

Ophelia: Do you promise?

Odin: Yes, I promise.

Ophelia: OK! And you have to show me your mark too, Father! I'll be looking forward to that day.

Odin: Thank you, Ophelia. Listen. We don't have special powers. But we still must support those around us who do have those abilities. Coming up with thrilling scenes and exciting phrases is no waste of time, right? A strong supporting ensemble ensures that the star shines brightest of all!

Ophelia: Right on! We have to keep writing awesome speeches, no matter what! Then we'll have an amazing line to say when we vanquish the evil lord together!

Odin: What a wonderful idea! Hmm... And after our lines are said, I'll be forced to ask... whether you'll join me or stay here. I know it's an unfair choice. But for now...

Ophelia: Father? What's bothering you?

Odin: Nothing, I was simply enjoying a brief flight of fancy. All right, Ophelia! Back to writing! We need to make our lines even better!

Ophelia: Yes!