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C Support

Nina: Mmm...that was really something. The way those men were chatting like old friends... What could they have been talking about? The mind wanders...

Nyx: Ah, Nina. You're home.

Nina: Gah! Mother?! What are you doing here? I thought you were training! You didn't hear me talking about...stuff... Did you?

Nyx: I did not. It's rude to eavesdrop. Why? Is there something I should know?

Nina: Nope! Don't worry about it! Whew...

Nyx: Now, Nina, you'll see for yourself soon enough, but I tidied your room today. You must keep your things in better shape than this.

Nina: Mother! That's my private space.

Nyx: The books that were strewn about your room are a prime example of what I mean. Everything has its place, Nina, and that place is not on your floor.

Nina: Oh my gods, oh my gods, oh my gods... PLEASE tell me you didn't open any of those books...

Nyx: Hmhm...your concern is touching, but I've opened far worse books in my time.

Nina: My diaries and journals, Mother! Did you read them or didn't you?

Nyx: Such mundane matters don't interest me greatly. The picture of the curse on you that they paint, though...that may be different...

Nina: What's that supposed to mean? It sounds like you DID read them! Well? Did you or didn't you? ARRRRGH!

B Support

Nina: *sigh* Why does it have to be so difficult...

Nyx: You shouldn't sigh so much. It can attract unwelcome spirits.

Nina: Oh...hi, Mother. Yeah, sorry. I dunno what's gotten into me...

Nyx: This is just the sort of situation in which one might consider consulting a seer.

Nina: Well, I suppose things can't get any worse... I...I have a hard time talking to guys. But I think about them all the time! I feel like such a freak. Like they know that I'm thinking about them... And I just clam up and turn red. It's so awful!

Nyx: Is that all that vexes you? It's a common reaction to meeting strangers.

Nina: But, sometimes I end up being really mean to them... When I think about how I might be hurting people's feelings... I feel like I need to change. But...it's not easy...

Nyx: No, but you've taken the hardest step: that of realizing your actions are harmful. As long as you give full weight to their feelings in your dealings with them... It will come naturally in time. Even with complete strangers.

Nina: You really think so?

Nyx: I don't need to be clairvoyant to know it will happen for you, Nina.

Nina: Thanks, Mother. I actually feel a little bit better.

Nyx: It's funny, though. I wouldn't have thought talking to boys was your problem. I was certain your curse was an intense curiosity into the affairs of men...

Nina: Wait, so you DID read them? AGHHH! I'm going to DIEEEEEE!

A Support

Nina: Hey, Mother. Guess what? I talked to a guy today, and it wasn't weird at all!

Nyx: Odd...this isn't a conversation I anticipated having today.

Nina: I mean, it was pretty basic as far as talking goes. I just gave him directions. But I didn't say anything weird or run away randomly!

Nyx: That's a step in the right direction.

Nina: Right? I've been giggling about it all afternoon.

Nyx: I wasn't sure my advice would help, as I'm no social butterfly myself. But I'm glad it seems to be working. Though I would caution you against ever mentioning your hobbies to these people.

Nina: I thought we agreed to never speak of...my hobbies...ever again!

Nyx: I recall no such agreement. Which is just as well, for your journals are treasure troves of stealth technique. You truly honed the craft to an art in your enthusiasm for eavesdropping upon men...

Nina: How many of my diaries did you read, Mother? Jeez!

Nyx: Me? I only read one. That convinced me the rest should be turned over to Avatar for study.

Nina: WHAT?! Why would you do that? WHY?

Nyx: The tactical information contained therein was too valuable to hide away. You've done this army a great service, my child. I'm very proud.

Nina: Great. Now everyone knows what a huge freak I am. Thanks, Mother.

Nyx: Oh, don't look so cross. We're all freakish in one way or another, hm? Why, just look at me. I fit in well enough, despite my form. Besides, even if the others ostracize you, your mother never will. I love you, child.