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C Support

Niles: Nina, a word, please.

Nina: What do YOU want?

Niles: You're not to steal any longer. Not even for a good cause.

Nina: Ugh, this again? I'll do as I please.

Niles: Decent folk don't steal. Under no circumstances will I allow you to do it.

Nina: But YOU used to do it all the time! What's with the double standard?

Niles: I came from...circumstances. I had to steal to survive.

Nina: I'm only doing what's right. It's ridiculous for you to complain about that.

Niles: *sigh*...You used to be such a reasonable, obedient child. At least you're still cute.

Nina: Blech! You're such a creep! This is why no one likes you much, Father.

Niles: Nina...

Nina: Hmph. Congratulations, you've mastered the art of crocodile tears. But making puppy dog eyes at me won't change anything. It's my life, so stop butting in!

Niles: *sigh*

B Support

Nina: Mmm...just look at those boys. Three of them, all together. Oh! That one put his hand on the other's shoulder! My heart...!

Niles: What the hell's got you so worked up?

Nina: GYAAAH! F-Father?!

Niles: Are you letting your imagination run away with you again? Tsk, tsk.

Nina: N-none of your business! And I thought I made myself clear that I don't want you butting in on my life! I don't like you. I never have. So don't start chatting with me like we're old friends!

Niles: Ah, but you forget one thing.

Nina: Oh?!

Niles: I love you, my precious daughter.

Nina: Ew, gross! Cut that out!

Niles: It's too late, Nina. The gross part of me is in you, too. So relax.

Nina: Y-you're the WORST! Why do you keep pestering me all the time?!

Niles: It's very strange to me that you seem to hate me so much. I don't get it.

Nina: You can't be serious. You left me alone, never once coming to visit, for ages and ages. And now you have the gall to try and tell me what I can and can't do!

Niles: OK, when you put it that way...

Nina: Now that it's convenient for you, you care about my life. But what about before? What about all that time... I was so lonely...!

Niles: Nina...

A Support

Niles: Nina. I understand that you hate me, but I want you to listen to me, if only this once.

Nina: You look...actually serious for once.

Niles: It's been known to happen sometimes. I have to tell you something, father to daughter.

Nina: ...Go ahead. I'm listening.

Niles: It was wrong of me to leave you alone the way I did. Even if my motives, to keep you safe from the war, were good... The emotional damage I did wasn't worth it.

Nina: Th-that's what I've been saying...

Niles: So I apologize. I'm sorry I never came to visit much.

Nina: ...

Niles: What I won't apologize for is being an active presence in your life now.

Nina: Oh, here it comes!

Niles: I was born and raised in the worst slums Nohr had to offer. I can't remember a time when my parents were ever there for me.

Nina: Oh...um...

Niles: Since I was too young to support myself, I fell in with a band of criminals. They were grudgingly willing to look after me. We did what we had to in order to survive. Sometimes we stole, and sometimes we did repulsive things you never need to know of.

Nina: ...

Niles: You say you only steal for the greater good—that you're doing the right thing. But whatever your reasons, I don't want you doing the things I had to. Rather than the dark road I was set down... I want your path to be clear and bright. That's all any parent wants for their child.

Nina: ...

Niles: I've said my piece. You can take it or leave it now. Whatever you want to do from now on, I won't stop you. You're an adult.

(Niles leaves)

Nina: W-wait.

Niles: Yeah?

Nina: You can't just dump all that on me and then leave once you're done. You really are the worst. Besides, I already knew I should make my own decisions without YOU telling me! Still, though... I'll try not to do anything that would upset you. I don't really hate you. I don't really want you to suffer.

Niles: ... That's something, at least. Thank you.

Nina: Thank you, too, for telling me how you really feel. And for finally apologizing. The truth is... Father, I... I lo—

Niles: It's fine. You don't need to say it.

Nina: Are you sure?

Niles: Sometimes, like now, you have to be clear so others understand you. But other times, it's OK to let the implications stand. I know what you want to say. I'm your father, aren't I?

Nina: You're right. Even if I don't say it in so many words... What I mean already came across.

Niles: As clearly as if you'd shouted it from the rooftops.