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C Support

Siegbert: Mother... So this is where you were.

Mozu: Hm...? Oh, it's you, Siegbert.

Siegbert: You seem tired. Is everything OK?

Mozu: Oh, yeah, I'm all right. Don't worry about me. They've just been running me ragged lately, that's all.

Siegbert: I see... Mother, I think I know the perfect way to help us both!

Mozu: Help? Help how?

Siegbert: I'd like to give you a shoulder massage.

Mozu: I don't follow how that'd help you.

Siegbert: Like you, I've been feeling some aches and pains. One of the healers here showed me some pressure points to relieve the pain, but I can't really find the spots when I try to massage myself. If I could practice on your shoulders, you could tell me when I find the spots.

Mozu: Well, isn't that sweet! When you ask nicely like that, I've gotta say yes.

Siegbert: Excellent! Thank you, Mother. Here, try and relax...

Mozu: Aahhh... I feel light as a feather! Thanks a bunch, Siegbert. Want me to take a crack at your back too?

Siegbert: No need for concern, Mother. I'm the one who should be thanking you. Now that I know where to apply pressure, my pain will be a thing of the past.

Mozu: Ooh, right. Guess you can do it yourself now, huh? Well, thanks all the same! I really appreciate it.

B Support

Siegbert: Ugh...

Mozu: What's the matter? Got a crick in your neck again?

Siegbert: It's nothing, Mother. Don't worry about it.

Mozu: Horsefeathers! How can I help if I don't worry about it?

Siegbert: I'm fine, really! I don't want to be seen like this.

Mozu: What's so embarrassing about a mother taking care of her son?

Siegbert: *sigh* Fine...

Mozu: Whoo-ee, these are some powerful knots in your back. You don't get this gnarled without something on the mind. What's eating you?

Siegbert: Nothing you need to worry about— I'm sure I can handle things on my own.

Mozu: That's not what it looks like from here...

Siegbert: Well... Lately I find myself lost in thought a lot. I can't help thinking that I'm not strong enough yet. Or wondering if I have what it takes to protect the people.

Mozu: Well... It's a big world out there. You're far from the top dog in it. I know the feeling—I remember the day I was saved from those monsters. I owed my life to all those big, strong people who did what I couldn't... It wasn't a relief. It just drove home how weak and small I was.

Siegbert: Mother, you aren't really helping...

Mozu: But I made up my mind that day to learn to fight just as good as them. 'Cause it's not a bad thing to be weak and small. Not if you know it. Sometimes, it's the hard lessons that help you grow the most, you know?

Siegbert: The hard lessons... They're what will make me stronger. Thank you, Mother. I feel a bit better already.

Mozu: No fooling? Good to hear it. And if you ever worry yourself raw again, I'll be waiting with a massage.

A Support

Siegbert: Mother, have you got some free time?

Mozu: Course, Siegbert. What did you need?

Siegbert: Well, I'd like to give you another shoulder massage.

Mozu: Hee... Did you think I forgot how nice the first one felt?

Siegbert: N-no, of course not! I just wanted to repay you for the advice you offered me the other day.

Mozu: No fooling? What I said to you took?

Siegbert: Very much so. I've been able to apply that open-mindedness to several situations. I've learned from villagers what it is to live diligently. And from my comrades, I've learned what it's like to face strong enemies... I've witnessed all different kinds of strength from the people I've encountered. And I've become acutely aware of my own shortcomings. But now, instead of grinding to a stop when I find a fault in myself... I want to push forward and overcome the obstacle.

Mozu: You've grown so much, so fast...

Siegbert: You say so, but I know I'm still small and weak in the grand scheme of it. I'm sure I'll still find things to be worried about... But that's also a necessary waypoint on the path to growing stronger... For now, I think I'll puff out my chest and brood a little, like Father.

Mozu: Ahahah! That's my Siegbert, all right. Don't go overboard with the brooding. You can always come to me with anything. You know that, right? I'm here to help.