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C Support

Laslow: Selena! My heart! How are you today? You look ravishing as always.

Selena: ...

Laslow: Hm? Cherub got your tongue, my sweet? That's all right—your radiance burns no less brightly for your silence!

Selena: Is there really nothing else rolling around in that big, stupid head of yours? Ravishing this, beauty that—does anyone actually fall for that nonsense?

Laslow: I haven't a clue what you mean! That seems like a perfectly normal way to address a lovely lady.

Selena: Ugh! Are you daft? Of course it isn't! This is exactly why nobody takes you seriously!

Laslow: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Selena: It is! You're a royal retainer! A soldier! Not some two-bit sideshow clown. You should start behaving instead of making eyes at everything with legs. I swear, you haven't grown a bit since the day I met you!

Laslow: Milady, you wound me. I'm a far more proficient flirt than the boy I once was!

Selena: That's not what I meant, and you know it! If anything, that's the opposite of growth. You're just a big, dumb baby. A GROSS, big, dumb baby.

Laslow: Haha! Ever with the razor tongue. Never change, Selena!

Selena: I think I'll pass on that advice. Some of us actually want to mature.

Laslow: Ahaha! You say that, but you're just as adorable today as the day we met! So, what would you say to going out to tea to continue this little repartee of ours? Or should I say...repar-tea?

Selena: *sigh* In one ear and out the other...

B Support

Laslow: Selena, my dove! My tired eyes are rejuvenated by the sight of you!

Selena: Ugh. You never learn, do you? You know, someday people are going to get sick of all this empty flattery of yours.

Laslow: What are you talking about? I speak only my true feelings.

Selena: Really. Your true feelings, huh?

Laslow: Just so! For example, I truly feel that you are the very image of loveliness.

Selena: You know what? No. This time I'm not going to just get upset. Nope...I'm going to give you a taste of your own medicine... Loverboy!

Laslow: Huh?

Selena: Hey there, baaaby.

Laslow: S-Selena? What are you doing?

Selena: Mmm-hmm. Momma thinks you'll do juuust fine. Let me feel those arms! Woo! Shivers! A big hunk like you is just what the healer ordered.

Laslow: Stop it, Selena... Please... No! Stop! Don't come any closer!

Selena: Aw, you're adorable when you're embarrassed, Lazzy. Me likey. Come on now, let's go get some tea, baby. I promise it'll be...hot.

Laslow: P-please...no...more... You're making me very uncomfortable, Selena!

Selena: Oh, really? Never stops you, does it, you lunk? Gods, I can't believe I just did that. I wanted to throw chunks.

Laslow: Ah...is it really that bad when I flirt? I never meant to make anyone feel like that...

Selena: Do you get it now? Throwing out all those empty compliments isn't nice. And even if they were welcome, you can't just play with people's hearts like that!

Laslow: But that was never my intention.

Selena: I don't care what your intentions are! It's not your intentions that matter. It's how the other person feels. Do you get it yet?

Laslow: OK! I'm sorry! I'll probably think about flirting in a slightly different way! That is, if you'll do me the honor of helping me learn how. Over tea, perhaps?

Selena: Really? Really?! Ugh, I give up! You're impossible!

(Selena leaves)

Laslow: Selena? Hey, I was just teasing! Come back!

A Support

Laslow: Selena!

Selena: What do you want, Laslow?

Laslow: Oh, thank goodness! You're back to your old grumpy self. I was worried you were going to give me the flirty treatment again. I don't think I've ever been so mortified in my life.

Selena: Oh, yeah. Maybe I shouldn't have gone quite so far. You're not THAT bad... I just wanted you to know what it's like. I'm sorry.

Laslow: Eh? Did you just...apologize? Without sarcasm? Do you have a fever? Let me get you some water...

Selena: What? No, I don't have a fever! I was just thinking about...old times.

Laslow: Ah. I see. Feeling lonely, then? I get that way too. It's hard being so far from home.

Selena: I'm not lonely! But...yeah. I miss it. I miss them... Anyway, nothing can be done about it now. No point in whining.

Laslow: Selena... I won't tell you you're wrong. We both know we can't go back. Not yet. But...I think about it every day. What if everything went back to the way it was?

Selena: Laslow...

Laslow: I guess...what I mean to say is, I know that loneliness you're feeling too well. I feel it too.

Selena: I already told you! I'm not feeling lonely!

Laslow: Haha. Sorry, sorry! My mistake.

Selena: Well, er, I mean...maybe there are times I feel a little lonely, now and then, but...

Laslow: But?

Selena: Well, I have you, at least. And Odin. So it's not like I'm completely alone.

Laslow: That's right. We've still got each other. So cheer up!

Selena: True...though I'm not sure how cheery I should be if you're my only link to home...

Laslow: Haha! Now that's the Selena we all know and love! Well, either way, I want you to know I'll be by your side anytime you need me.

Selena: Don't get the wrong idea! It's not like I had any choice in the matter.

Laslow: As is often the case with fate, but it has a way of surprising us mere mortals. Particularly when it comes to matters of the heart.

Selena: Are you really flirting with me at a time like this?! You immature jerk! Your smug face makes me SO ANGRY! ... Haha, but I guess that's my lot in life, eh? Thank you, Laslow. For being here for me.

Laslow: Anytime, Selena.

S Support

Laslow: Selena, my darling! I have a gift for you.

Selena: Hm? For me?

Laslow: Ta-da! It's a bracelet!

Selena: Laslow! Is that...?

Laslow: Indeed it is. I've been keeping it somewhere safe, and I thought it was time I gave it to you.

Selena: But...why are you giving this to me now?

Laslow: Why do you think I am?

Selena: I'm the one asking the questions here! Now spill.

Laslow: Fine, fine. You're no fun! I decided to give it to you because...well... It's a symbol of our everlasting friendship!

Selena: ...

Laslow: Because we've been through so much... I thought it would be nice for you to have a keepsake like this. It's to remind you that I'll always be here for you.

Selena: Yeah, yeah, I get it. You want to be by my side forever.

Laslow: Yes. That's right.

Selena: So...everlasting friendship, huh? Did you give something to Odin too, then? Or...is there something else you'd like to say?

Laslow: Something else? Like what?

Selena: Do you really have to be so thickheaded?

Laslow: I'm sorry! I was just kidding!

Selena: Kidding?!

Laslow: I do have something else to say to you. I love you. And this bracelet is a token of my love. And to answer your other question, no, I did not give anything to Odin.

Selena: Go on.

Laslow: Please, Selena... Will you marry me?

Selena: Finally! There it is! Took you long enough.

Laslow: So, um... Do you have an answer for me?

Selena: Oh. Right. I guess it's my turn. I mean, we've known each other so long... Do I really need to say it?

Laslow: Yes. You do.

Selena: Come on! Don't be cruel. You know how I feel.

Laslow: Haha, so then say it already!

Selena: ... OK. Um...look, Laslow. I really like you. A lot.

Laslow: Mhm... That's a start, though this might be a longer engagement than I anticipated.

Selena: Ugh, fine. Look, I love you! I love you, Laslow...

Laslow: Splendid! And will you share your life with me?

Selena: Yes! But if you mess this up, I will end you. Understand?

Laslow: Understood. I am yours forever, my love.

Selena: So...you know this means you can't be with anyone else, right?

Laslow: ...

(Laslow leaves)

Selena: Laslow? Oh.

Laslow: Just kidding! Of course I know that! I promise to devote myself to your happiness from here on out.

Selena: You better! Oh, and I'll do the same.