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C Support

Kiragi: Oi, Hisame!

Hisame: Kiragi? What is the matter? Do you require assistance? Shall I call for aid?

Kiragi: "Require assistance"? What's with all the courtly talk? I want you to talk to me normally. Just like you would to anyone else!

Hisame: I DO speak this way to everyone else. You are no exception, I assure you.

Kiragi: Oh. Really? I guess that's OK, then. I just want us to be good friends. You know, like our dads are!

Hisame: Like Lord Takumi and my father? Hm. I am not so sure that would be desirable.

Kiragi: What? Do you have something against me?

Hisame: No, not at all. Rather, I believe that my father is too casual with your own. My father is retainer to Lord Takumi. He should treat his lord as a superior. However, my father does not understand this. He is too easy with his betters. His manner of speaking with nobles is too coarse. Too familiar.

Kiragi: What? No way! I think it's great that our dads talk to each other like that! It just shows how deep their friendship really runs!

Hisame: Would you say so? I think my father would do much better to recognize the gulf between their positions.

Kiragi: Like how?

Hisame: For one thing, my father eats next to Lord Takumi at every meal. And he has the nerve to demand seconds, or even THIRDS, in front of him.

Kiragi: That sounds fine to me!

Hisame: Well, they also go to the baths together and bathe at the same time! I heard he and Lord Takumi even wash each other's backs! It's...deplorable.

Kiragi: There's nothing wrong with that either!

Hisame: I disagree. It is not proper. If one eats with one's lord, it is one's duty to taste the meal for poison beforehand. Then, after the lord has finished eating, his retainer should eat quickly and out of sight. And bathing with one's lord is out of the question entirely! Not even to mention having one's back scrubbed by said lord! One should stand guard—with one's weapon—while the lord is defenseless.

Kiragi: So...is that how you'd like our relationship to be?

Hisame: Yes, I would find it preferable. Do you object?

Kiragi: Ugh! You're so thick sometimes, Hisame! You don't get it at all! What kind of friendship would that be?!

(Kiragi leaves)

Hisame: Friendship? Who said anything about friendship?

B Support

Hisame: Kiragi, do you have a moment?

Kiragi: Hisame?

Hisame: I would like to apologize for the other day. I did not wish to hurt your feelings.

Kiragi: Don't mention it. I feel like I should apologize myself for pushing my views on you. But, if you can, I WOULD prefer it if you didn't treat me like I was your liege. Our parents' lord-retainer relationship doesn't need to dictate our own.

Hisame: Hm.

Kiragi: O-of course, you can act however you like. I just mean...it would be nice—er— Never mind. Forget it.

Hisame: No, it is all right. You are saying you wish us to be friends, correct? Then I would like to respond in kind: Yes. I accept your friendship...buddy! Hm. That word feels strange on my tongue. It feels...tingly. Perhaps I will need some time to get used to it.

Kiragi: Haha! Thanks, Hisame!

Hisame: I do not require thanks, but you are very welcome. I believe it would be good to bridge the gap between us. In fact, I was just now asking my father for his advice on such things.

Kiragi: Oh, really?

Hisame: Yes. I asked him what he does when he and Lord Takumi have a disagreement. He says that the two of them play shogi together.

Kiragi: Shogi? You mean the board game?

Hisame: Yes. It seems that Lord Takumi is quite the talented shogi player. My father says that they used to play together frequently. So I thought that perhaps we should play a game ourselves?

Kiragi: What? Me? Play shogi? I don't know. I'm not so good at strategy games. But...I guess if our dads do it, there must be something to it. All right, sure. I'm in!

Hisame: Thank you very much. I've actually already set up a board over here. Please, after you.

Kiragi: Heh. OK, then. Let's do this!

A Support

Kiragi: Hey, Hisame! I had so much fun playing shogi the other day! Thanks a ton for suggesting it! It was a great idea!

Hisame: Haha. Yes, it was quite amusing. Just thinking about it now makes me laugh.

Kiragi: I almost gave up in the middle there, when you got serious. I was so frustrated, I might have really quit if I hadn't had that epiphany!

Hisame: Heh. Yes, and you were absolutely right about that too. It was quite funny. My disposition really IS more in line with Lord Takumi's.

Kiragi: And you were just as right! I'm way more like Hinata! Ha ha! It's like we each took after the other's father. How's that for weird?

Hisame: Yes, it is curious... But I am glad you decided to stay in the game. You were quite tenacious at the end.

Kiragi: Yep! Once I started thinking of it like a hunt, I began to really get it. It's not like any old board game. It requires the patience and skills of a true huntsman! I bet it's good practice for anyone who has to command forces in battle, too.

Hisame: I agree. I believe it may even be useful for duelists as well. After all, reading your opponent's intentions is a key skill for both.

Kiragi: *chuckle*

Hisame: Hm? What is so amusing?

Kiragi: Think we've bridged the gap between us yet? Are we real friends now?

Hisame: Hmm. I wonder...could it be true? Perhaps it would not be as wise as I had thought...

Kiragi: Heehee. You don't need to be so shy about it! Drop it with the loyal-vassal junk, OK? If our dads can be as good of friends as they are, we can be too!

Hisame: Heh. OK. You might be right. Perhaps there are exceptions to every rule.

Kiragi: Absolutely! All right, now we just need to try really hard so we can be the best friends ever!

Hisame: Haha. I don't think it works like that. You cannot force such friendships. But...I do believe we could grow into a friendship like that, given time. I suppose we'll just have to see what happens, Kiragi.

Kiragi: All right. Let's see where the world takes us, Hisame!