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C Support

Kaden: Hiya, Azura! ...Geez. You've got a scary look on your face right now.

Azura: Oh, hello, Kaden. What do you mean?

Kaden: It seems like you've got a bee in your bonnet— Er, hairdo thingy. What's up?

Azura: I'm afraid I don't understand. This is my usual face. Nothing is bothering me.

Kaden: WOW. That is seriously impressive. Man, I couldn't look that uptight if I tried!

Azura: No, I guess not. You always have that silly grin on your face, don't you?

Kaden: Ha! Yep! If I'm not careful, people will think I've lost my claws and turned into a pet fox.

Azura: And what would be wrong with that? I wish I could frolic through life the way you do.

Kaden: You do? Aww! You're making my tail wag. Look! ...Azura, is something wrong? You're giving me a crazy look right now.

Azura: Oh, my. Forgive me for staring. I've just never seen your tail up close. It's so fluffy!

Kaden: I always forget that you humans don't have tails. It's too bad. They're amazing!

Azura: Yes, well, I better get going. (I can't believe I almost reached out to pet him!)

(Azura leaves)

Kaden: All right. Catch ya later. *sigh* Wow. Azura's so lucky. She's got that serious look down pat. I gotta practice so everyone will think I'm cool, calm, and collected—just like her!

B Support

Kaden: *yawn* Mmm! What a nice nap! ...Now how did I get here again? Oh, yeah! I wandered through this field when I decided to roll around in the leaves! They felt SO good. I curled up and went to sleep. Ha! No wonder people call me lazy! ...Huh? What's that?! I think something's touching my head! ACK!

Azura: Oh, my! Are you awake?!

Kaden: Azura? Is that you?! What are you doing?!

Azura: Goodness. This is awkward!

Kaden: What's awkward? And why are you petting me?

Azura: ...Er, I was walking through this field when I saw you over here taking a nap. Ever since the other day, I've been wondering what your fur felt like. This is so embarrassing, but I didn't think you'd wake up! I just barely brushed you!

Kaden: Is that so?!

Azura: Kaden, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to disturb you.

Kaden: Disturb me? Of course not! Get over here. I'd be honored to have you stroke my fur. I had no idea you were into foxes!

Azura: Honestly, neither did I.

Kaden: Is that why you left so abruptly the other day?

Azura: I'm afraid so. I didn't think I could resist giving you a little scratch behind the ears!

Kaden: Azura, I'm shocked!

Azura: So am I. I had this overwhelming desire to reach out and touch that silky-soft fur...

Kaden: Well, go on. You can pet me anytime you'd like.

Azura: Thanks for being so understanding, Kaden.

Kaden: Are you kidding?! This is awesome! I hope you visit me all the time now.

Azura: Really? I'd love that.

A Support

Azura: That war council meeting went on forever! I know it's important, but my goodness!

Kaden: Whoa! You look exhausted. I've never seen such heavy bags under someone's eyes!

Azura: Kaden, you probably shouldn't tell people that. Anyway, I'm fine. Really.

Kaden: I don't know. You don't seem fine. You look paler than death! Do ya need a nap?

Azura: No, I can't sleep. I just lie there with my eyes wide open and my mind racing...

Kaden: That sounds terrible! You've got to look after yourself, Azura.

Azura: I know. I've just got a lot on my plate right now.

Kaden: Well, I can't help with that. I try to keep my plate empty. But I can at least offer you a super-soft pillow. Surely that'll help, right?

Azura: Do you mean your tail?

Kaden: What else?! Come on, Azura. I'm being serious. If you don't rest, you'll get sick!

Azura: I guess you have a point. Your tail does look like it would make a nice pillow...

Kaden: The best! Now follow me. We'll find a nice spot to curl up for a nap. Off to bed!

Azura: All right, Kaden. Thank you. You're always so kind to me.

S Support

Azura: Zzz... Zzz...

Kaden: Azura looks so peaceful when she's sleeping like that. She must be exhausted.

Azura: Zzz... Zzz...

Kaden: I bet she won't mind if I touch her hair. It's only fair, right? I let her touch my tail.

Azura: Hmm...?

Kaden: Good morning, Azura.

Azura: Wha?! Good morning? Did I stay here all night?

Kaden: Hahaha! No. I was just kidding.

Azura: Oh! I guess I drifted off again. Your tail really does make an excellent cushion. You're going to ruin me! I'll never be able to sleep on a regular pillow again.

Kaden: That's OK. I wouldn't mind. Actually, I'd like it if you slept next to me all the time.

Azura: Huh?

Kaden: Azura, I'm so in love with you. I could watch you sleep every night. I know you have a lot on your shoulders— things I can't help you with. But at least I can be your soft place to fall. Won't you stay with me forever?

Azura: Oh, my! Kaden, if I had my choice, I'd never leave your side! You make me feel so at home!

Kaden: Then it's settled. You can have me all to yourself...always.

Azura: You have no idea how wonderful that sounds!