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C Support

Dwyer: This smells wonderful. Now to pour it into the carafe and serve everyone...

Jakob: Hello, Dwyer. Did you make coffee too?

Dwyer: I did. Let me guess...

Jakob: I'll be serving everyone the coffee I painstakingly prepared. You can go ahead and enjoy whatever it is that you brewed.

Dwyer: There must be a mistake. I'm going to serve the espresso I made. You know I make better coffee than you. Admit it.

Jakob: What?! How dare you hurl that cheeky nonsense at your father!

Dwyer: I wasn't trying to talk back or be rude. It's a simple statement of fact.

Jakob: That your coffee is superior to mine? You really think that's true? I've got some news for you, Son. That is utter hogwash. Especially considering the fact that you haven't bothered to even try mine yet.

Dwyer: There's no need. I can smell it. And I think I'll pass.

Jakob: What?!

Dwyer: You realize it too, don't you? If you'll pardon me. We wouldn't want my coffee to get any colder, now would we?

(Dwyer leaves)

Jakob: Damn! Much as I hate to admit it, he's right. This time, and ONLY this time, Dwyer made better coffee than me. But, I'll show him. Just you wait and see, Son...

B Support

Jakob: Hello, Dwyer. I made you some fresh coffee.

Dwyer: Oh, really? Did you see some pigs flying as well?

Jakob: How amusing. Listen. The other day, I just so happened to make a mistake. It's a curious and rare occurrence, I assure you. But now it's time to really see who is the coffee king of this castle. You... Or me.

Dwyer: Ohh, I understand.

Jakob: Now be grateful and drink up. You can even cry on my shoulder after you taste your bitter defeat.

Dwyer: The only bitter thing here is this terrible brew. There's no love.

Jakob: What do you mean?

Dwyer: The cup itself is cold.

Jakob: Th-the cup?

Dwyer: You didn't even bother to warm up the cup before pouring the coffee, right? That means the hot java cools down the moment it's poured inside.

Jakob: I... I can't believe I made such a thoughtless mistake.

Dwyer: I'm sorry, Father. But it seems I've won this battle without even taking a sip.

Jakob: Grrrrrrrrr. Even competing with my own son, I didn't expect to feel this frustrated. No, I'm just angry because I lost to you. That must be it.

Dwyer: While we're on the topic...I've been thinking. I'm confident that I could handle any task as a butler better than you can.

Jakob: Is that right? Well, my arrogant boy, what say we step into the practice field? It's been a while since you and I have gone head-to-head. Just know one thing: I won't hold back this time. Now go get your things.

Dwyer: W-wait... What does this have to do with combat?

Jakob: Silence! It's so I can reclaim my peace of mind, obviously. If you don't want to take a good thrashing, then I'd recommend defending yourself.

Dwyer: You're horrible...

A Support

Jakob: Good morning, Son. You're looking well today.

Dwyer: Aren't you in awfully good spirits...

Jakob: Hahaha. Did you enjoy our sparring session the other day? I believe I made my superiority clear.

Dwyer: I've never seen you so focused before. A drunken bear would have fought with more dignity than you did...

Jakob: Oh, don't be so jealous. I know it must be hard when you can't compete with my striking combat acumen.

Dwyer: I'll catch up to you soon enough. Just like how I surpassed you already as a butler...

Jakob: Hmph. There you go again. With your cheeky attitude.

Dwyer: I have to say, it's been nice spending more time together lately... I'm surprised to admit that I have been enjoying myself on the whole.

Jakob: Oh?

Dwyer: Yeah. We didn't get to do much of that when I was little.

Jakob: Feel free to complain. There is no chance I will apologize. Ever. I simply did what I thought best for you. It was only after much deliberation that we decided to raise you in the Deeprealms.

Dwyer: I know, Father... You didn't want us to grow up in the shadow of war, right?

Jakob: Something like that...

Dwyer: I don't resent you for being absent when I was a child. Now that we actually have time to spend together, I've been thinking. I'd like to enjoy every moment that I can with you.

Jakob: Hmph... You're certainly rather sentimental for a young man.

Dwyer: Haha... I suppose I do sound a little childish...

Jakob: That being said, you will always be my boy.

Dwyer: Father, I...

Jakob: How about a cup of coffee, hmm? Just make sure it's the finest brew you've ever made.

Dwyer: Heh, sure thing. Just wait here.