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C Support

Ophelia: Thee! Over thither! Halt!

Ignatius: Ophelia?

Ophelia: Indeed. It is I, Ophelia Dusk! I have an augury for you of ill things to come.

Ignatius: An augury? What is it?

Ophelia: Hold. The shroud parts...through the veil... I see them!

Ignatius: See what? Who do you see?

Ophelia: The auras of departed things, lapping up the vapors that trail behind you...

Ignatius: Vapors?! It wasn't me, I swear! It was the dog!

Ophelia: Not that! I mean the vapors of fear you exude. Spirits are feeding on them. Do you not sense them? Their breath caressing the nape of your neck? Can you not hear their whispers in your ear? Hearken to me! Ghosts saturate the air around you! Ghosts! Wo-o-o-o! Spooky!

Ignatius: What?! Stop it! There's no such thing as ghosts!

Ophelia: There are. You of all people should be able to sense their presence. After all, it appears these ones have accompanied you for quite some time— Oh no...

Ignatius: What? What is it?

Ophelia: DUCK!


Ophelia: Heehee. Just kidding. Did I scare you?

Ignatius: ...

Ophelia: Hm? Hey, Ignatius? Ignatius. Say "veridical" if you can hear me!

Ignatius: ...

Ophelia: Oh fennel! He fainted! I'm sorry, Ignatius! I'll wake you up with my wake-up spell! Abra Debabra Ca-wakey! ... Oh no! Ignatius! Ignatius, you've got to get up! You're on fire!

B Support

Ophelia: Oh! Ignatius!

Ignatius: ...

Ophelia: H-hey! Don't ignore me!

Ignatius: You are a terrible person. Please be terrible elsewhere.

Ophelia: Aw, c'mon! Are you still mad about the other day? But I apologized like twice! And that patch where your hair got burned off is barely noticeable! If you comb over it a little, I'm sure nobody would have any idea!

Ignatius: Ghk.

Ophelia: Hmph. So you're just gonna keep being a sourpuss about it? Well fine then! Go on, keep making that face! You'll just attract more evil spirits! Hmph!

Ignatius: What?! I can attract spirits with my face? Is that true?

Ophelia: Of course it is! Evil spirits feed off of negative emotions!

Ignatius: S-so...I've got to make a happy face? H-how's this? Do I look happy enough now?

Ophelia: Wow! You're a natural, kid! You'd make a fine apprentice, y'know. Now, to further protect you, I'll even give you this periapt to grant you good luck. Now sit, put this on, and receive my boon!

Ignatius: Right here? OK.

Ophelia: O, hear me, ones who walked the world many ages before us! Fold now your spirits to my will! Grant this child Fortune's shield! Felicity! I call upon you and bound thee to my service!

Ignatius: Aghp! Ophelia! Blech! What are you throwing at me?

Ophelia: Huh? It's just sal...er...silver! Blessed silver grains given us by benevolent spirits.

Ignatius: Uh-huh. Sure. So YOU're the culprit behind the missing saltshakers.

Ophelia: Shush! I cannot concentrate with all of this prattle! The spirits call for silence. Or would you prefer I accidentally summon evil, spooky, knight-eating spirits instead?

Ignatius: N-no...

Ophelia: That's the spirit! Pun intended! O ancestors! Spirits of ash and azure, vault and soil! Hear me! Imbue this silver with your power, and through it, the one who sits here. Wipe misfortune from his fate... ... ...Aaaand you're good to go! Thanks and come again!

Ignatius: Oh. Uh...OK. Did it work?

Ophelia: How am I supposed to know? I'm a mage, not a scientist.

Ignatius: What?!

Ophelia: I guess we should just keep an eye out for good luck. If you have some, it worked! If so, please let me know! I'm dying to know if this charm is a dud or the real deal!

Ignatius: You mean you haven't even tested it?!

Ophelia: There you go, making that angry face again. Say hi to my evil spirit friends for me!

Ignatius: AH! Er, I mean— G-ahaha! I'm happy! Oh so happy! Thank you, Ophelia! You're the best! I forgive you a million times over! Ahahaha ahaahaha!

Ophelia: Much better! You're welcome!

A Support

Ophelia: So, Ignatius, have you noticed any changes in your luck since my magical ritual?

Ignatius: Hm...

Ophelia: Come on, out with it! Even little changes. Something!

Ignatius: Well, not really. But I think it's safe to say it had an effect.

Ophelia: Huh? How so?

Ignatius: I am still alive!

Ophelia: Huh?

Ignatius: The battlefield is a dangerous place. You never know which fight will be your last. So the fact that I still draw breath alone means it must have worked, right?

Ophelia: U-um, sure. That sounds...right! I'm a genius! Ha...haha... In fact...it went so well that I think we should do another ritual soon! Maybe I'll be able to work some bona fide miracles this time!

Ignatius: Miracles, huh?

Ophelia: Yup! I'll beseech the gods themselves to lend their power to my spell!

Ignatius: And what would these miracles do, exactly?

Ophelia: Wellllll...if you're in danger, maybe a thunderbolt will strike your enemies! Or maybe serious emotional trauma will unlock your hidden martial potential! Just like that swordsman with the cursed hand Father always told me about!

Ignatius: Wow! Really?

Ophelia: Of course really! I have to be able to learn to work miracles like those! Because...if I could, none of our friends will have to die anymore, right? I'd be able to protect them...

Ignatius: Ophelia...

Ophelia: Buuut until I can, I'll need a guinea pig to test my rituals out on. That's where you come in!

Ignatius: Uhhhhh...

S Support

Ophelia: Book after book after book, and none of them have the answers! It's as if Fate itself conspires against my efforts!

Ignatius: Ophelia? Something the matter?

Ophelia: YES! Yes, something is the matter!

Ignatius: O-OK. No need to shout. What's wrong?

Ophelia: It's my quest for miracle spells! You remember, right? I still haven't found a single clue about how to cast them! Even accounts of them are impossible to come by, let alone instructions!

Ignatius: Well, sure. They wouldn't be miraculous if they were common, right?

Ophelia: I guess not... Maybe I should just give up. I mean, how can I save people from death if I can't even perform a few lousy miracles?

Ignatius: Hm. ...

Ophelia: Ignatius? Why are you kneeling?

Ignatius: May I have your hand, Ophelia? I must say something to you.

Ophelia: O-OK...

Ignatius: I believe in you, Ophelia, and I believe in your dreams. I think you have a noble heart. Therefore, I would like to pledge myself to you, if you will have me. I want to help you any way I can to master the art of miracle casting.

Ophelia: Ignatius...

Ignatius: However, I cannot pretend my reasons are entirely selfless. I...I also love you, Ophelia. And would be honored if you would have me.

Ophelia: Oh, Ignatius! I will. Of course I will! I love you too!

Ignatius: Truly? Thank you, my love! I promise to serve you forevermore.

Ophelia: Perfect! Because there's a new spell I've been wanting to try out on someone. But don't worry! Chances of instant fatality are, like, practically zero!

Ignatius: Of course. Use me as you will. Wait, did you just say "fatality"?

Ophelia: No take-backs! Teehee!